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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance

April 17-23
“Transgressive Border Crossing” | Orphan Black
Tatiana Maslany 

We’ve said this before but when Orphan Black is on air, it’s tough to compete with Tatiana Maslany’s jaw dropping performances. And in “Transgressive Border Crossing”, for the very first time ever, I was genuinely terrified for Sarah.

When Sarah learns something’s been planted in her mouth, Maslany delivered a type of chilling fear we’ve yet to see from the character. Coming to the realization that stakes are higher than they’ve ever been dawned on Sarah not as an epitome that’d empower, but for once it was frightening. Maslany managed to convey such visceral fear, it left little room for hope. And that was something I never imagined we’d see from Sarah of all people.

Sarah dealt with a lot this week — from learning that Felix is searching for his birth parents to learning about Beth, it was bound to end in something chaotic which Maslany delivered perfectly.

Of course this was in comparison to Alison’s usual ridiculousness, Cosima’s heart wrenching cries for Delphine’s whereabouts, Helena’s happiness upon learning she’s having twins, and continuing to layer MK.

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