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Spring ’16 Finale Roundup: Week One

| March 20 – April 23 |

Heartland, Brooklyn Nine Nine, When Calls the Heart, and in a sense, Fuller House have ended for the remainder of the season leaving us with plenty of great material to discuss. And for some of these shows, we’ve been waiting a while to talk about them. Pretty much an entire month.

Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

Lori Loughlin | When Calls the Heart

Earlier this year, I stumbled onto this show on Netflix and within minutes, Lori Loughlin’s character Abigail Stanton had me in tears. From then on, each episode she was in, I was guaranteed to be in tears at least once. Abigail’s strongest characteristic is her compassion — and it’s that very compassion she’s continuously shown beautifully. Abigail’s encouraging speech about rising above the circumstances was exhibited with the right amount of emotions. And as she watched Elizabeth’s brokenness over Jack’s motionless state, you saw that empathy make its way onto her expressiveness. She felt for her friend. She identified with her. But the display of compassion and heartbreak was deeply resonating. It’s what managed to resort me into tears. It’s so incredibly easy to care for her as a character and it’s moments like this where it’s strongest.

Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor 

Andy Samberg | Brooklyn Nine Nine

Andy Samberg is a class act on Brooklyn Nine Nine, but his display of emotions in “Greg and Larry” were superb. Samberg and his costar Andre Braugher made this week’s decision acutely difficult. Not only are the two extraordinary scene partners, but “Greg and Larry” required a lot from the two resulting in some very entertaining performances. However, it’s Samberg’s display of genuine fear that’s left me stunned. Samberg is great playing on Jake’s dorky side, but fear isn’t something he’s gotten to play yet. Even in “Yippe Kayak”, Jake wasn’t scared, he was strangely excited. But this case isn’t something he’s certain they can solve, and in the end especially, when he received the threatening phone call, Samberg played Jake’s fear with the right of amount of emotions managing to make them feel incredibly believable.

Most Exquisite TV Moment 

Resolutions” | Heartland

 Ty and Amy have grown up in front of our eyes. I mean, it’s literally been nine years. And the surprise gift in “Resolutions” is bound to make them grow even more. I should’ve known what was coming, but somehow, I still found myself shocked with glee. Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall are lovely scene partners, but their newfound maturity and heart were outstanding. The way Amy told Ty she’s pregnant was just as lovely as I imagined it to be. And the absolute joy in Ty’s expression was remarkable. Wardle and Marshall delivered such heartfelt happiness it may have been the most gorgeous pregnancy reveal since Brooke Davis’ in One Tree Hill.

Most Stunning Montage

“Love is in the Air” | Fuller House

Fuller House has been absolute joy to watch for us. And the final episode especially was close to perfection. For those who aren’t aware, Jesse and Becky have an enormous place in our hearts as one of the very first couples we’ve ever “shipped”. And in “Love is in the Air”, the two chose to renew their vows with Stephanie singing as they walked down the aisle. Of course Kimmy and her ex husband Fernando chose to renew their vows as well, but for us, nothing surpassed the moment where Jesse fell in love with his wife all over again as she walked down the aisle. And their short but sweet vows to one another relit the spark within us from their wedding day. Sometimes, all a person really needs is a montage with infectious smiles and that’s exactly what this scene did for viewers. Or at least, us for sure. Fuller House in its entirety is a series that touches upon the cheesiness of family. And the harsh reality is there’s too much sadness on TV right now. It’s a series like this, where no matter how cheesy or ridiculous, it manages to reflect what we all want out of life — happiness. And that’s what this scene illuminated —  the organic happiness that comes from unions, families, friends, and beautiful music.

“Wait what? What just happened?”

“Greg and Larry” | Brooklyn Nine Nine 

If The Walking Dead didn’t leave us with a cliffhanger resulting in a lot of frustration, it would’ve taken the crown for this category. But what I didn’t imagine was Brooklyn Nine Nine leaving me nervous. While we all know this brilliant comedy can’t disappoint us and leave things with a jarring conclusion, season four is bound to give us some exceptional material with the rest of the unit doing everything to make Brooklyn safe for Jake and Captain Holt’s return. I don’t know how long it’ll take, but after a lovely speech focused on gratitude and appreciation, the sudden shift to Greg and Larry’s new life was a fascinating twist.

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