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Scandal 5×18 “Til Death Do Us Part” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

We finally learn about Jake’s biological family.

Episode Summary: Olivia returns to normalcy after killing Andrew two weeks ago, but it’s more about Jake.

Review | Analysis: With a slew of flashbacks, we learn that Jake’s father beat his mother and raped his sister. Jake feels somewhat responsible about not doing anything to help them. Once Rowan saves Jake from serving 10 years in prison, Jake ends up killing his father, which is what put him into B613. He’s been living with Rowan for quite some time now and so has Olivia after the stunt she pulled. Earlier in the season we were introduced to Vanessa and her money was being used to fund Edison’s campaign. However, in tonight’s episode, we learned that Rowan’s plans for the pair – Vanessa and Jake – goes far beyond campaign funding.

After another round of flashbacks, Jake tells Olivia that Rowan plans for him to run as Edison’s potential vice president for the Democrats. A high profile wedding is in the works with 600 guests so it will increase his presence in the public.


He tells her that he doesn’t love Vanessa, before he slept with Olivia days before the big day.

They both plan for Jake to leave Vanessa at the altar. He’d be free from Rowan’s grasp since the public wouldn’t vote for a ticket that showed a cold-hearted man.

But of course, Rowan figures out the plan and it doesn’t happen. Instead, Rowan tells Olivia he’ll slit Jake’s throat if the wedding doesn’t happen, so she tells Jake that she can’t run away after all.

Queue the weirdness. Jake knows Rowan for 20 years, and he figures out that he’s gotten to Olivia that’s why she’s backing out. Except, she doesn’t tell him about what Rowan would do to him if he doesn’t go through with the wedding, instead she says that this isn’t him, and it’s her.

She begs him to marry Vanessa even though he told her he doesn’t love her. She tells him all sorts of nonsense and how he’s not good enough and whatnot. As if that wasn’t bad, she tells him that she’s in love with Fitz.

It’s obvious that there’s a lot of chemistry between Jake and Olivia, but she’s not being open about her feelings which isn’t good and results in it not being enough to keep their relationship sustained.

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