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Scandal 5×15 “Pencils Down”, 5×16 “The Miseducation of Susan Ross”, and 5×17 “Thwack” Recaps

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia plays dirty in all aspects.

Episode Summary: As Olivia begins to be no-more-miss-nice-girl, other candidates join the race to becoming the next president.

Review | Analysis: Apparently a fast food burger joint can change a whole election. Tonight we got to see candidates win and lose the votes because of fast food. And this was all before the first debate even started. Olivia is running Mellie’s campaign and she has to turn her into a woman of the people. We all know Mellie is not exactly that person. In the focus groups, people called Mellie smug and arrogant. This is how the whole fast food burger incident happens.

The group decided that the best way to make her seem even remotely relatable is to have her eat cheeseburgers and talk about it. On the other hand, Elizabeth, Fitz and Abby have to deal with Susan Ross. She’s dealing with betrayal and heartbreak. Abby accidentally let it out that David had multiple girlfriends and Susan’s head never really went back to the people after that. Susan gathered up the courage and asked Fitz why he cheated on his wife and after that she dumped David.

Back to the race, Hollis, who is basically the Donald Trump of the show, says nothing about anything. He invited the media to the gun range to watch him brag about his lack of political background and ability to get eight hours of sleep.

Senator Edison joins the race. Turns out that Edison is in bed with Rowan and Jake’s relationship with Vanessa is just for her money. He’s using her bank accounts to fund a Super PAC for Edison.

The “I told you so” is coming real quick. Olivia received the tip without anyone finding out. The other thing is that she went to Alex to get the dirt he had on Susan in exchange for secrets on Edison. We can’t really tell who will become the next President. There is Mellie, Edison, Susan, Vargas and Hollis. All of them are connected to one another minus Hollis…for now.

“The Miseducation of Susan Ross”

Spoilers Ahead

It’s debate time!

Episode Summary: The debates continue as Olivia continues diving into dirty politics.

Review | Analysis: This episode was all about the first Republican debate. Though there have been comparisons to the current election, it doesn’t seem like that is the case here. Hollis only has two candidates and Sally is moderating the debate alone which is a breakthrough for women. Millie uses the line, “husband’s keepers,” to distance herself from Fitz implying she’d be stronger about the Second Amendment freedoms than he has been during his presidency. However, for Susan, that idea gives her the debate victory. She goes into a heart-wrenching speech over the loss of her husband.

Queue in Olivia and her team. She knows that something isn’t right with that story Susan is telling. After some digging, the team discovers that Susan and her late “husband” weren’t really married, and that’s not the worse part.

Susan’s “husband” wasn’t the biological father of her daughter, the real father is actually Ronnie, who’s been imprisoned on drug-related charges. As Olivia prepares her takedown of Ronnie, we see how much she really is like her father.

Everything begins to go downhill as Olivia dabs into her father’s twisted ways. She tells Frankie Vargas’s brother about his rival Edison’s visit to rehabilitation facility for an addiction to painkillers.

When Ronnie refuses to cooperate with Olivia’s plan, she threatens to plant drugs in his prison bunk to extend his sentence. At this point, Liv loses support from Huck who tells her it’s wrong to bring Casey into the mess. We understand why he’s saying this since he has lost touch with his own son.

The plan goes into flames. Ronnie is found dead in what seems like a suicide. Olivia doesn’t seem to bothered by it though. The episode comes to an end with Olivia and Fitz vowing to run clean campaigns. We hope the white hat comes out soon because we know David won’t be wearing it anytime soon. Speaking of him, his character is little more than a stand-in. Susan wins the debate, but in Lizzie’s words, she won David really and all the interviewers want to know about her relationship.

America does love a love story!



Spoilers Ahead

The White Hat is gone.

Episode Summary: Olivia takes a page out of the Eli Pope playbook.

Review | Analysis: Tom calls Olivia “Helen of Troy”, but in tonight’s episode we saw that Olivia could also end wars. Her White Hat is not only gone, but stained with blood. Olivia has committed murder. Yes, murder. Andrew is threatening to destroy everything yet again. He is alive, awake and has regained is voice. He went after Fitz’s recent fling. Remember the journalist? She’s getting the story of a lifetime.

The coverup members are Lizzie, Liv, Fitz, David, Abby, Mellie and Cyrus. Mellie is the only nominee who is actively involved. Lizzie, David and Fitz are part of Susan’s campaign and Cy is part of the campaign for Vargas.

Abby, poor Abby, is still the only person whose life still revolves around Fitz. Abby showed that the true loves of her life are her job and power. The same goes for Liv. Sorry boys but you didn’t make the cut. Nor did we think they would ever to be honest.

Abby makes a deal with Andrew. He gets to tell his story but instead of mentioning anything that has to do with Fitz and Angola, he tells the tale of an affair between himself and Mellie. This means that Mellie would lose any remaining chance at The White House.

Liv talks to Andrew but her calm tone doesn’t stick for too long. She’s alone in a room with the man who kidnapped her for weeks and auctioned her off. She breaks and grabs a chair and attacks him. In between, she gets flashbacks of her being locked up.

Abby and Fitz walk into the room and see Liv sitting on the floor. Andrew’s dead body is both collateral damage and proof she meant business. She walks out of the room and to the car where Quinn and Huck are waiting for her with a change of clothes.

Are we supposed to accept Olivia Pope as a murderer? Are we okay with the lines she’s passing?  The murder seemed to be in more of a panic/revenge state of mind which we can’t blame her but we can’t also brush to the side that it won’t change her forever. Who will Liv be now?

Let us know what you thought of the episode! See you in a few weeks Gladiators!






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