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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

March 13-19
“Forever and for Always” | Nashville

We haven’t had one of these “too tough to choose” weeks in what seems like the longest time. Souls getting the opportunity to go off to better place on Once Upon A Time are leaving us in tears. Quantico is dealing with friendships beautifully. The Americans is as solid as ever. And When Calls the Heart leaves us sobbing and inspired as per usual.

However, the gorgeous wedding on ABC’s Nashville is the moment we need to talk about. It’s been a long, overly dramatic, dark yet beautiful road for Rayna Jaymes and Deacon Claybourne, but they’ve finally tied the knot and promised one another forever. There are a lot of amazing things about this couple that had me gripped from the very beginning, but perhaps, the greatest is just how far they’ve come. People make mistakes in life — horrible, life-changing mistakes, but they deserve forgiveness. They deserve chances. And the fact that they’ve conquered every obstacle in their path to this beautiful moment is what makes their union so special. Of course it wouldn’t be Nashville unless there’s tons of drama leading up to the big moment, but in the end it all comes down to one exquisite scene that featured the newlyweds dancing with their girls.

For so long Daphne felt left out, but Rayna reminded her of the fact that Deacon’s the outsider. He’s the one who’s joining their family. He’s the one who’s never really known a solid family to begin with, and joining theirs will allow him to finally have something real, beautiful, and strong. It’s always been about Daphne, Maddie, and Rayna — no force in the universe could ever alter the love they share, and adding Deacon into the family only means it’s growing. It was incomparably lovely to see Daphne have the opportunity to dance with Deacon — to really feel that he loves her as though she’s his own biological child. He may share blood with Maddie, but in the same way, he’s watched Daphne grow up her entire life and she too has held an irreplaceable place in his heart. Concluding the episode with Rayna dancing with Maddie as they watched Deacon and Daphne was simply gorgeous. No matter how dramatic things get, weddings are always perfect in the end.

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