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Scandal 5×13 “The Fish Rots from the Head” and 5×14 “I See You” Recap

Spoilers Ahead:

Olivia comes face-to-face with Fitz.

Episode Summary: The Gladiators handle a Secret Service scandal.

Review | Analysis: This week’s episode of Scandal started off strong with the show’s leading ladies becoming a power duo and working together. Liv tells Mellie she needs to keep her ex-hubby from endorsing Susan Ross. It’s sad that Mellie wrote a book about how she finally found her own voice outside of the pres, yet she needs his voice to go further in her career. Two hookers are purchased and one of them ends up dead in the middle of her hotel floor. The agents said she died of a heroin overdose so the team gets busy cleaning up the mess which is led by Quinn, naturally.

Of course Marcus being Marcus, he knew the girl didn’t die of an overdose, and that she actually was murdered by the secret agents that purchased her in the first place.

This all leads up to Fitz and Liv meeting. We all know that Liv is so much better off without him and deserves a better man, but the chemistry these two have man. It’s been missing in the prior episodes. Thank goodness she calls him out on probably one of the biggest OMG moments, having one of his flings walk out in a bathrobe in front of his young son.

Now that Fitz is behaving, we have another problem, Jake. He seems to be stirring up trouble. He broke up with Liv in last week’s episode due to his new love interest. But he ended up making a weird appearance to Liv’s house.

Olivia steps up her Jake surveillance.

In 5×14, the election gets a Trump-based candidate. We’ve begun to realize that the characters on this show are always selfish and this week’s episode proved it.

Liv had Jake and Vanessa’s home set up with hidden cameras and bugs. Abby looked into Cy’s phone records and probably the most extreme, Huck watched some stream of his son’s soccer games where he was able to spot his wife with her new boyfriend.

When Huck saw the boyfriend he went and kidnapped him which cased the gang to chase after him. The search for Huck allowed the team to attempt to become a whole again. Quinn yelled at Liv the way we wish we could and even called her selfish. Liv said sorry and complimented her for taking over the business.

Huck leaves the “scene” broken hearted, which we can’t help to think will Quinn and him rekindle their romance later?

Abby ignored Liv’s advice to be a better person and without a second thought fired Cyrus and replaced him as Chief of Staff.

Liv realizes that her and Vanessa are being played by Jake and then there is Hollis Doyle. We haven’t seen him in a while but on tonight’s episode he managed to annoy us by announcing that he was running for President.

The whole Trump-based candidate, is Hollis. He is just like Trump. Rich, proving himself to the Republican party as the strongest candidate, winning more than enough primaries.
Let us know what you thought of the episode below! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next! Until next week Gladiators…






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