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Scandal 5×12 “Wild Card” Recap

Spoilers Ahead:

Everyone loves a hero.

Episode Summary: Rowan is back and so is Tom. Cyrus is evil. Liv is jealous of what Fitz and Jake are doing in their personal lives. David is leading Susan on again.

Review | Analysis: The stage is set thanks to Sally reminding everyone it’s election season. And of course we know what that means — drama. Rowan is back and we almost regret it. No one wants to see Liv and him bonding. I mean, look at last season. How could she even trust him or how could she accept the fact that he’s “okay” being retired? She later started becoming suspicious of him (what’s new?) and yet she was still not phased by his past.

Cyrus has apparently found a new partner-in-crime, Tom. No big deal, but did he forget what Tom did? Uhm, he killed his best friend’s son.

Their newest project: getting the Governor of Pennsylvania’s national attention. In order to get someone to be known, you create this persona for them. In this case, a hero. They set up a shooting in the Governor’s mansion, and letting a former unknown politician walk out with battle scares which always makes a great story for national TV.

The dilemma though, the shooter’s son. Tom calls Charlie to help and obviously he brings Quinn. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really confused as to who is in command? I thought it was Rowan, but apparently there seems to be someone else in the picture.

The President, we can’t forget about him. He seems to be known as the “horny teenager” in this episode. He’s apparently shacking it up with a journalist or so the headlines say. And he keeps fighting with Abby over national security. He did earn bonus points when he called Abby his best friend, but it will take more than that to make up for his odd behavior lately.

Queue in David. He seems to be following the President’s footsteps. He’s been shacking it up with not one, but both candidates: Susan Ross and her chief-of-staff, Elizabeth North. But at the same time, he’s been the voice of reason, helping Liv realize what’s wrong and right. Strange, right?

Some questions we still have: The shooter’s kid, did he really know Charlie? Is there an Abby and Fitz romance brewing? When are the gladiators going to be real gladiators again?

Let us know what you think below! Until next week Gladiators. . .


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