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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actress

February 14-20
“Life of the Party” and “Monsters” | Agent Carter
Bridget Regan

While the role of a villain role is always fun, it’s also the role that can easily be overdone. Agent Carter is full of extraordinary performers — Bridget Regan being one of them, and one of the few exceptions of a dramatic villain who sells the role remarkably.

Dottie is completely and utterly outrageous. She’s fabulously twisted but most importantly, she’s dangerous. And despite the delicate voice she’s given Dottie, Regan manages to make the character naturally frightening. However, in this week’s Agent Carter, much like James D’Arcy’s character Edwin Jarvis, Dottie was pushed past her limits thereby, giving Regan the opportunity to bring out a side we may not have otherwise seen.

The affects of Zero Matter have been proven to be excruciating and with Dottie being one of Whitney’s victims, it managed to bring the cold, fierce Russian assassin to tears resulting in what may have been Regan’s finest hour on the series yet. Dottie went from being wickedly feisty and playful to alarmingly shaken allowing Regan to channel a full range of raw emotions. For a moment there, you almost felt sorry for Dottie. Regan keeps the Black Widow threatening gaze steadily in her eyes, but when Whitney’s done with her, surprising hints of fear and brokenness are then reflected. And it’s that exact reaction which makes you wonder, truly, whether or not she’ll run in the end, and the fact that she did, sets up for what’ll undoubtedly be an exceptional showdown.

On another note, Dottie enjoys tormenting Peggy — she’s bored with other agents, but getting to “work” with Peggy clearly brings her strange joy. Peggy is in a sense her equal. She’s not someone that can be torn down instantly and that challenge entertains Dottie. And it’s because of this ridiculous joy where comments such as “you’re idealism will get us killed” make the audience question her heart. Does it still exist somewhere? Is there a small part of her that wants a friendship with Peggy? Could she ever change her ways? Regan’s performances make you wonder and that alone qualifies as a noteworthy performance.

Point being, Regan’s nailed it as Dottie Underwood fashioning one of the most captivating and intriguing villains in Marvel history. Dottie’s devious, but because this week’s episodes shined a different light on her, Regan’s masterful performance layered her even further.

— @GissaneSophia // @MGcircles



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