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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

February 14-20
Life of the Party” and “Monsters” | Agent Carter

There was a running theme of friendship on television this week making plenty of shows incredible. Whether it was the ladies of Brooklyn Nine Nine conquering their fears together, Killer Frost choosing to help our heroes beat Zoom in The Flash, or Heartland’s familial moments, one thing’s for sure, having people by our side is a gift. However, once again, the moments of friendship in Agent Carter take the crown.

Whether it was Ana being a friend to Jason, or Peggy offering her hand to comfort both Jarvis and Daniel, the sincere moments of compassion on this series continues to leave me amazed. I am a huge fan of this series for numerous reasons, but the way it carries friendships is undoubtedly my favorite part. A lot is said during quiet moments, and it is during those quiet moments where we often come find the most healing has been done. Without Jarvis, Peggy wouldn’t have been as successful last season and this week, without Peggy’s support, Jarvis would’ve walked through darkness alone. Peggy standing up for Daniel then standing with him was yet another lovely reminder of the solid partnership they’ve established. They’re friends first and foremost, but beyond that, there’s a more profound connection between the two that’s making working together beautifully successful.

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