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Scandal 5×11 “The Candidate” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

One word ex-girfriend.

Episode Summary: Liv and Mellie team up to get Mellie elected as the 45th President of the United States.

Review | Analysis: Liv and Mellie finished Mellie’s book and just released the best chapter yet – how she was able to stand by Fitz while the revealing of his affair was going on. All of this revolves around one word: power.

We finally have a power couple that we can actually agree with. Olivia and Mellie. Who would’ve thought? But while this was going on, Cyrus was trying to make sure that President Fitz’s name ended up in history books.

Cyrus is always thinking big and yet he doesn’t want to settle for an end-of-term interview. There’s a speech that seems like it was meant for President Obama where Cy reminds Fitz now that it is time for “going to toe-to-toe with the Senate and rallying Tea Party support for a judicial nominee.”

That is such a Cyrus move to do, but instead he ends up with a President who is willing to cancel his interview if he can have a date with the journalist who “has a huge crush on him.”

Cyrus is getting ready to support some young man who is running for a Governor of Pennsylvania. Susan Ross is the last of the 2016 presidential candidates. Mellie thought Susan would never be able to gain the nomination, yet she has 93 percent of people seeing her as a very suitable candidate.

There are still some questions we have: Is Cyrus going to quit? What has Liv decided about everything that has been going on? Where was Papa Pope?

Let us know what you thought below! Until next week Gladiators…


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