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Scandal 5×10″It’s Hard Out Here for a General” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia left Fitz and is back at OPA.

Episode Summary: A big-name client gets Liv’s help when classified NSA files from her private computer get hacked. Mellie also gets Liv to assist her with writing her book.

Review | Analysis: Scandal’s midseason premiere was all about power and Olivia leaving the White House. It’s been months since she’s left Fitz and now she’s back “home,” at OPA. The gladiators aren’t the only family Liv has returned to. As the episode opens, we see her having dinner with the one and only, Rowan, aka Papa Pope. But do remember that a while back Liv was working with Jake to put Rowan in prison, except now everything has turned around. Liv is back having dinners with her father while Jake is his new roommate!

Rhimes did not waste any time making sure that we know Liv is definitely not as lonely as we thought she would be. When she returns to her apartment, Jake is waiting there.

But the more important matter is the big-name client Liv has to help and that is Diane from the NSA. Liv and Quinn immediately suspect that it’s Diane’s boyfriend, Billy, who also works at the NSA.

His phone records show that there was a call made to the Post about the files being hacked and it included details about Project Mercury, a U.S. endeavor that involves tapping into private conversations of world leaders.

Diane takes responsibility and resigns at Fitz’s request. However, the gladiators find Billy’s body and realize he was not the whistleblower. This happens just as Fitz appoints Jake as the new director of the NSA.

Back at the White House, Abby has become Fitz’s everything woman, but by the end of the episode, she’s had enough and tells Fitz that she’s the secretary of the place.

As we mentioned earlier, Rowan and Jake are living together and Fitz and Liv aren’t speaking. David, Elizabeth and Susan have seem to have disappeared. Which brings us to some questions we still have. Where is David? Is Mellie Liv’s way of getting back into the White House?

Let us know what you thought of the episode below! Until next week gladiators…

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