Agent Carter 2×05 “The Atomic Bomb” Recap

Agent Carter “The Atomic Bomb” Spoilers Ahead

Production still from Agent Carter "The Atomic Bomb"
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Oh, look we’ve been impaled.

Episode Summary: In order to stop Whitney Frost from getting to the atomic bomb first, the squad grew with Rose Roberts and Dr. Samberly. Daniel proposed. Peggy got hurt. Jarvis defused the bomb. Dr. Wilkes disappeared (sort of.) Everything’s fine. We’re fine.

Review | Analysis: Tonight’s episode was a roller coaster of emotions, but it did a remarkable job of showcasing the importance of teamwork. And reiterating a similar theme from last week’s episode, Agent Carter “The Atomic Bomb” reminded viewers of the importance of encouraging others and believing in them. If there’s one thing I love about episodes that involve undercover espionage, it’s the fact that there’s never a time where they’re not hysterical. Who doesn’t love a good ol fake marriage, playing with wires, plus surprising action sequences? Essentially, it’s incredibly admirable how the episode gave each and every character an opportunity to shine. And episodes like this, no matter how dark they get, end up being a lot of fun.

Cue the most perfectly ridiculous slow motion squad walk ever.

First and foremost, I’m so thankful this series gave viewers the opportunity to see how phenomenal Rose Roberts is. Not only is she kind and hilarious, but heck yes, she’s also badass. It was sweet to see Daniel worry for her, but it was even sweeter to watch Peggy consistently insist that she’s got it covered. The females defending one another are a force to be reckoned with on this series. It’s riveting to watch Peggy and Rose not only defend one another, but believe in each other with unwavering faith.

What I can appreciate most about this is that though Rose isn’t on the field as often as Peggy, it hasn’t stopped Peggy from noticing her skills and believing in her. She puts absolutely no difference between them and truly, that’s the kind of woman we should all aspire to be. Bottom line is, we need more screen time for Rose Roberts because she is an absolute delight.

Speaking of delightful women, I thought I would have a more difficult time liking Violet — I really did. And not because there’s anything wrong with her, but on a series like Agent Carter we can’t always trust everyone. However, after Agent Carter “The Atomic Bomb” it’s easy to appreciate her and it’s easy to want the best for her. And while it’s very clear who I “ship” on this series, Daniel’s proposal was adorable. It was actually a bit heartbreaking to see such a sweet, raw engagement knowing that Daniel’s heart wasn’t completely in it. Situations like this often end up being extremely complicated but the fact of the matter is, Daniel’s remained loyal to Violet and that’s what shows his character. Unfortunately, as human beings sometimes we’re capable of lying to ourselves. When things get tough we either run or we begin to convince ourselves of things that aren’t true. We attempt to move on from broken hearts not by being honest and open, but by attempting to find peace elsewhere. Sometimes we have to move on because the person we’re chasing isn’t meant for us, but sometimes, they’re everything we need and more; therefore, no matter how hard we try, we can’t move on.

Daniel loves and cares deeply for Violet, but Peggy’s different — she’s special. She’s the woman who’s turned his world upside down. She’s the one who effortlessly amazes him with everything she does while simultaneously driving him crazy. Here’s the thing, sometimes opposites attract and they make for wonderful stories, but sometimes you fall for the person that understands it all. Ultimately, we can’t help whom we love and although a person may be perfect on pen and paper, it doesn’t exactly mean they’re perfect for us. Violet is a beautiful, giving soul, and she deserves the kind of love who’ll always put her first. And the one thing I can appreciate with this series is that there’s been absolutely no infidelity. Daniel’s rejected Peggy’s offer for drinks because of his loyalty to Violet. He’s never once given in to his feelings, but desperate times often have a way of baring the truth. Daniel cannot stand the thought of Peggy being hurt because it doesn’t matter how strong and skillful she is, he’s the kind of person that aches tremendously when another is in a vulnerable state. And especially if that person is the woman he loves.

The work Enver Gjokaj did this week was exceptional — we watched him go from one extreme to another and each delivery felt right. The happiness both Gjokaj and Bolger conveyed when the proposal became official is what made the scene so sweet and enjoyable. Therefore, as she watched him fall apart because of Peggy’s injuries, it became that much more heartbreaking to watch them argue over the real reason he moved to Los Angeles. I’m thrilled the series presented their “break” this way because at least this way, Violet chooses for herself. Every single woman deserves to be chosen by her partner — they deserve to always be number one and in this case, Violet was able to see in a poignantly innocent way that she’d never be that person for Daniel. The reason this is classified can be classified as innocent is because Daniel’s intentions were never to hurt Violet — he’s tried incredibly hard not to, but as he’s watching Peggy bleed out on the couch, the anguish he’s projecting is out of his control. Gjokaj exhibited such tender adoration and fear as Daniel begs Peggy to be more careful. It’s the honest revelation of a man who’s perhaps never even realized the depth of his feelings making this entire storyline that much more intriguing. Sure Daniel’s always carried a torch for Peggy, but I don’t believe he ever expected to love her the way he does. I want Violet to be happy and most importantly, I want her to be chosen, but it’s clear Daniel’s not the man for her.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to teamwork, faith in others, and kindness. If Peggy didn’t believe Violet could handle this, she wouldn’t have trusted her with the task. If Violet wasn’t a kind person, she would’ve refused to help. Where there’s a team, there’s success, and it continues to amaze me that this series focuses so gracefully on the importance of trusting someone because of their expertise and character as opposed to their gender. Where there’s a team, there’s no sexism. And with this team especially, it’s all about encouraging one another with the belief that a little faith in someone can go a long way.

Politely Sarcastic British Heroes: (Jarvis & Peggy) I’m going to say this every day for the rest of my life: Edwin Jarvis is irreplaceable. I honestly cannot remember the last time a single character has made me laugh just as much as they’ve made me cry real tears. It’s little things like running to bring the car around to taking care of Peggy by fluffing her pillows. He reminds me so much of not only an amazing friend, but a kind of father figure — sometimes embarrassing but always loving. And I love that he reminded her of the fact that these adventures are only enjoyable if she returns from them. Peggy Carter is as bold and as strong as it gets, but going into fights without backup is reckless. And while I believe she didn’t realize the level of Whitney’s capabilities, it would’ve been wiser of her not to get into a physical altercation on a rooftop. It’s good to know she’s imperfect though, right? That said, let us also discuss the fact that just as Jarvis and Peggy’s team has grows, so do they.  The most hysterical part was James D’Arcy’s expressions as Jarvis was attempting to move the bombs. Good to know it’s nothing like Soufflé — I didn’t think it would be.

Additionally, I want to point out how much I love the fact that when it comes to her partnership with Jarvis, Peggy never holds back. She’s comfortable enough with him to let him take care of her and be there for her whenever she needs someone. And these kinds of friendships come once in a lifetime so if any two people deserve it, it’s Peggy and Jarvis.

Three Favorite Quotes:

Peggy: (about Rose): she’s smart, she’s resourceful, and I trust her with my life.

Daniel: This is a bad plan.
Jarvis: This is a horrible plan.
Peggy: It’s a solid plan.

Daniel: It worked!
Jarvis: Well, I never doubted it for a moment.

Jarvis: These adventures, they’re only enjoyable if you return from them, Miss Carter.

Worth Mentioning: I’m excited to see Dottie return next week, but mostly I cannot wait to find out what’s happening with Jason. Is Zero Matter consuming him entirely or is it Whitney? Will he ever truly be able to feel again and is the only way to be like Whitney?

What are your thoughts on Agent Carter “The Atomic Bomb?”

If you live in the states, please make sure you’re watching the series live. If you’re watching on DVR, please make sure you watch the commercials as well. I know that’s tough, but this series is worth it. Additionally, if you have programs like OnDemand, consider having the series play while you do something random around the house. If you live elsewhere, perhaps consider using the hashtag #AgentCarter. This is the most exceptional series on air right now and it genuinely deserves all the love it can get. Tell all your friends, all your family members, all your coworkers. Just tell everyone.


  1. Now it’s my turn to say HOW DARE YOU, GISS? This was flawless!

    I am so in love with everything you said about Violet’s character. She’s just so incredibly, beautifully written, and I love that this show didn’t go the cheap, easy route of making us hate her but instead made us a character we want the best for.

    “Here’s the thing, sometimes opposites attract and they make for wonderful stories, but sometimes you fall for the person that understands it all.” – This might be one of my favorite sentences you’ve ever written. I absolutely love the “opposites attract” trope (Who doesn’t?), but my favorite relationship dynamic is one where the two people are kindred spirits, people who understand each other on a level that no one else would be able to understand them. That’s exactly who Daniel and Peggy are to each other—two people who know what it was like to serve in a war, lose something in that war, and come home forever changed. They know what it’s like to face discrimination and to want to be treated as an equal despite not looking like everyone else. And they’re both fighters—they both believe in fighting for things greater than themselves; they both want to make a difference in the world and to do whatever they can to keep the people they care about safe. And for two people who don’t always feel understood by the world at large, I think it means so much for them to have found a true level of understanding with each other.

    (And now I just made myself emotional. Oops.)

    1. Considering I had such a difficult time writing this, your kind words mean the absolute world! And that last paragraph, again, Katie. HOW COULD YOU!? The feels are so real with these two because they understand each other so well. And for them especially, I feel like it’s exactly what they need. Someone who understands them on such profound levels. But again, thank you for the sweet words, darling <3

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