10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’


I was certain I’d enjoy Agent Carter because of how much I loved Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel as a whole, but I never expected it to become a series that’d mean a great deal to me as a woman. When I often recommend a series to someone, I make sure it’s something they’re bound to like; therefore, not every series I watch, no matter how wonderful I believe it to be is something I’d recommend to everyone — except for Agent Carter. Marvel’s Agent Carter is doubtlessly the only series I would encourage everyone to watch, especially women because of the gorgeously evocative way it can resonate with its viewers. We’ve got espionage, badass females, genius performances, heart, humor, history, and outstanding writing. So without further ado, I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why I fervently believe those who aren’t watching, should. I could’ve gone for more than 10, but we don’t want to spoil too much now do we?

  1. Queen Peggy Carter 

Peggy Carter is a woman most of us were introduced to in Captain America: The First Avenger, and while we were able to quickly care for her character then, we get to know and understand her in a whole new light on Agent Carter. It pains to admit that when I was young, there weren’t many women to look up to in the media. And if we had a woman like Peggy Carter gracing our screens then, I truly believe we’d love ourselves a bit more. The 1940s wasn’t an easy time for women, and this is a series that inspires us to care so deeply for integrity and fairness in all the right ways. Peggy’s choices effortlessly serve as an inspiration to us all and though we don’t exactly participate in espionage, we’ve all experienced some sort of mistreatment in our lives. Peggy beautifully shines light to significant issues we deal with in our day-to-day lives while brilliantly revolutionizing the fact that we must focus on our own perceptions of ourselves rather than another’s.

2. The Performances 

Agent Carter is a series with a remarkable cast. In each of their own unique ways each member makes it so easy to care about their character. We are exposed to a wide variety of characters to which each cast member has a downright perfect grip on. Whether it’s James D’Arcy’s meticulous way of showcasing heart and humor while layering Edwin Jarvis, or Dominic Cooper’s way of making it easy to care and root for the complex figure that is Howard Stark, the performances are phenomenal. And if you weren’t already aware, Hayley Atwell was born to play Peggy Carter making her one of the very few actresses who love and understand their character in indescribable ways.

3. The Friendships

When attempting to conduct our list for #100DaysofFanFavorites, it was truly difficult not to include each and every delightful friendship on this series. I could happily take up an entire 10 pages just discussing each and every character’s unique bond with one another, but when I say you’re better off seeing it for yourself, you truly are. For instance, Peggy and Jarvis’ friendship is so remarkable, it’s got it’s own category in my reviews. Howard Stark’s a complicated figure with endless flaws, but he loves and respects his friends in admirable ways. Angie Martinelli’s a character who’s defended Peggy despite not knowing all the details of what she’s up to. As stated, you must see for yourself because these bonds are not only incredibly entertaining, but they’re profound in countless ways.

4. There’s a Plethora of Wit 

I could probably count all the series that make me laugh out loud and keep me thinking hours and hours after they’re over on one hand, and Agent Carter is one of them. The genius behind this series continues to dumbfound me. Series don’t often play with foreshadowing in a way that leaves viewers trusting they’ll go through with them, but Agent Carter has mastered this on a whole new level. At no point does it appear as though the series is trying to be something ridiculously different — the organic dialogue and character development is sublime. Additionally, while the writing is completely and utterly brilliant, it’s the way these writers choose to tell stories without making it seem as though they’re attempting to force significant issues on screen. In what appears to be a seemingly effortless manner, whatever’s presented within Agent Carter is bound to leave its viewers in awe.

5. There’s Light

While we’re just coming out of a war and have (sort of) lost significant figures like Captain America, there’s a sense of brightness to this series I still cannot seem to find the proper words for. There were plenty of times real tears were shed during season one, but never once did those tears feel uncomfortable or leave me doubting hope and happiness for these characters was possible. Agent Carter has a way of exhibiting horrifying events in a way that doesn’t take a heartbreakingly jarring turn. After each episode concludes, especially thus far during season two, my mood is instantly brightened and that’s not due to the bright sunshine in Los Angeles, I live here — it’s not that cool.

6. Inspiring Life Lessons

Much like the way the series showcases women and their suffering because of their gender without shoving it in our faces, it presents its life lessons with an inexpressible eloquence. It is an absolute shame that there aren’t many series which properly convey messages such as the importance of knowing one’s own value or trusting their instincts. As women we’re constantly told what needs to define us, but this is a series that revolutionizes the fact that we are defined by the choices we make. We are defined the way we see ourselves. We are defined the way we want to be. Agent Carter beautifully shines light on the fact that people — especially women need to be encouraged to love and trust themselves.

7. Ladies Being Kind to Each Other

If there’s one thing I cannot stand within a series or film it’s petty drama between women just because. Women need to be encouraged to love and respect one another for if we don’t, how can we expect men to? Agent Carter is a series focused on women — two of our “villains” so far have been women, but that doesn’t in anyway indicate that there should be some ridiculous unkindness towards all. No one goes around believing all women are bad.  Additionally, in the friendship formed between Peggy and Angie Martinelli we are introduced to two women who say it how it is and adore one another to great levels. They have each other’s backs even when they don’t understand everything, and if that’s not wonderful then I don’t know what is. Moreover, we have women like Ana Jarvis who welcomes Peggy Carter in to her home with open arms and enthusiasm. We have women like Rose Roberts who respect and care for Peggy not because she’s of higher authority, but because she sees a bright, beautiful soul in her. In the same way, we have Peggy treating Rose with similar kindness and respect as opposed to someone below her.

8. Fashion

I saw Peggy Carter wearing Besame Cosmetics “1946 Red Velvet” lipstick, so I bought it. A whole bunch of us did, and I’m so incredibly proud to be friends with women who’ve got such fantastic taste in makeup. The 1940s were a time where fashion was perfect — at least in my book. Let’s keep the chucks from our time, but everything else, I’d happily switch over. We also have women kicking ass in high heels and seriously, friends — it’ll make you feel badass just watching them.

9. Action

Agent Carter isn’t just a series for women, it’s a series for all which is why I’m certain my uncle loves watching it with me. As stated in the point above, we have women kicking ass in high heels and we have a disabled man who’s constantly a part of the fight as well. This is a series that makes sure to revolutionize the idea that being tough doesn’t equate to being perfectly in shape or trained — it’s a series that weaves in every element it can in order to prove that defending yourself can be as simple as having the courage and will. We have Edwin Jarvis taking part in his own war with an actual flamingo, and it’s just as ridiculously entertaining as it sounds.

10. Romance

Last but most certainly not least, who doesn’t love romance? A lot I’m sure (sadly), but when it comes to Agent Carter it tells a story that’ll make all hearts soar. In Captain America: The First Avenger we were introduced to the gorgeous partnership and blossoming romance between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, but unfortunately fate had other plans for the two. And in Captain America: The Winter Soldier we learn that though he died, one of the 1000 men Steve Rogers saved during the winter of 1944 would later become Peggy Carter’s husband. Therefore, as I’d like to call it sometimes, How I Met Your Father is extraordinarily entertaining. And while there’s more than one potential suitor for Peggy Carter, it’s fair to admit that the series wants us to actively root for Daniel Sousa — the man who’s time and time again respected Peggy’s agency, encouraged her in everything she’s done, and showcased unparalleled kindness towards her in an environment where she was often treated as less than.

Agent Carter is a series that I’m certain will inspire its viewers in ways they never expected. It’s a series that’ll stay with us long after it’s over. It’s a series that deserves all the love it can get because the cast and crew behind it care so fervently about the story they’re telling.

And for further post episode reading, you can always come back here for our weekly Agent Carter reviews. Not to mention, The Geekly Inc and Nerdy Girl Notes write perfect reviews each week. Join us, friends. We have a wonderful little community and it deserves to grow bigger.


  1. Love your post, these all the reasons why I love Agent Carter (and even my momma does, she was born in 1947), I just wanted to share a few words about Daniel and perhaps hear what you think. I’ve loved the character since season 1, and it has always bewildered me the criticism of him being in the end like Thompson and the rest of the SSR. I guess it comes as a reaction of the interrogation in SNAFU episode. I understand Daniel. Beside the fact that he was the ONLY one who realised Peggy was involved which makes him incredibly clever (meaning he ain’t the average agent), he was naturally disappointed in finding out Peggy is supposedly guilty. He was willing to believe her to the very last minute (“don’t run, if you do I’ll know it’s true) but he obviously needed proof, or a word, which Peggy didn’t have infortunately,because of no time. So I cannot blame him if him for finally giving up. And I don’t believe he meant to adress Peggy as a whore during the interrogation, which is what Peggy assumes reasonably because of the people she works with, but wrongly. His accusation was that she had been convinced by Stark, not something else. It would have been a little OOC, since he stepped up in episode 1 when Peggy was called a slut or whatever it was. So yeah, he was angry, but it’s understandable. When people have a crush, they have strong reactions, been there done that. I disagree when people say “Peggy deserves better”. It’s not up to us say that, she deserves who she chooses to be worthy of her love.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with this entire message. First of all thank you immensely for the kind words. Isn’t it so awesome to have a series we can watch with our family members? My folks love this too.

      But about Daniel, I agree as well. I don’t think he meant to call her a whore either and he didn’t even do it directly, Peggy assumed that’s what he meant with his comment. And that’s understandable. Also, naturally I wonder if in that day and age if a female had more than one potential suitor she was judged a lot more harshly then we are today. Therefore, I believe that’s why the writing was written that way. I also think for Peggy, she was surprised to hear it coming from Daniel as well — like he should’ve known her better. And I wrote about Agent Carter all of season one as well in my reviews, and I said the same thing then, Daniel is a human being which makes him flawed. We all are. We can’t judge him based on the one time he messed up because up until this very moment, he’s the one who has her back and fervently believes in her with everything in him. I want them to be together, but the series is also going to great lengths to showcase that there’s truly so much between the the two. At the end of the day, whoever Peggy chooses, as long as he treats her with respect, I will support it. And so far, Daniel’s shown a lot of respect towards her. I hope this makes and that I answered all your questions.

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