Chicago P.D. 3×13 “Hit Me” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Case Summary: Lindsay and Halstead go undercover at a casino in order to catch men who presumably go undercover as cops in order to steal money from drunken people. After learning who’s behind the entire thing, Trudy helps the team in the best way she can using her words. Kim files for a transfer and Erin talks her out of it.

Review | Analysis: It breaks my heart that this is the second episode in a row I’ve watched completely disappointed because this just doesn’t happen often with Chicago P.D.  It’s not easy writing reviews when I find myself disappointed, but even I can’t always focus on the positive. There are plenty of things that were great about “Hit Me” but for the most part, a lot of scenes were painfully unnecessary in driving the storylines further. In the midst of all this, I’m grateful to have gotten a wonderful scene showing Amy Morton’s impeccable skills as an actress followed by a much-needed heart-to-heart with Erin and Kim.

I’m good at reading between the lines. It’s why I started writing reviews in the first place — I love it when a series makes me do work, but I don’t love it when the work I’m meant to do makes very little sense. Just like this sentence which makes very little sense because I’ve found myself in a position where I’m completely and utterly confused. There were plenty of scenes throughout tonight’s episode such as Roman suggesting his cousin to Kim that could’ve been cut in order to reveal whether or not Erin’s actually drunk and if the slap was staged. While it’s clear that it was, the fact that we had absolutely no discussion on the manner prior is bizarre. Chicago P.D. often presents us with undercover scenes in the middle of the episode which makes plenty of sense, but in tonight’s episode, it felt sloppy. It felt disorganized because it came at a time when it made it difficult for the audience to understand exactly what was happening. Exactly how many drinks did Erin have? Was it really seven? 0? The one we’d seen her with? Was it just coke or Pepsi and not actually whiskey? These are details that are necessary.

That said, I can ignore and discredit that scene, but I can’t discredit the number of times Kim and Adam’s relationship was made into a joke by everyone. Platt then Roman then Mouse? It was completely unnecessary for moments like this to surface in an episode where it’s clear both parties are still incredibly sensitive after what happened. Chicago P.D. isn’t a soap opera but sometimes it feels like it. Sometimes it has the most powerful emotionally moving scenes, and sometimes it makes me wonder if I’m watching some ridiculous drama with thoughtless storylines. In an episode where we should’ve focused more on the case and the factual existence of corrupt officers, we chose to dive into petty, cringe-worthy drama. I would’ve been extremely thrilled if we’d focused on giving Kim and Adam a conversation they deserved to have. You don’t just end an engagement without a conversation — without trying. You don’t end an engagement because your partner has a silly idea that if a man’s okay with delaying a wedding, then he isn’t completely in love. An adult relationship should focus heavily on communication, and because that’s what Adam and Kim lacked, it would’ve been far more fitting if the series gave them some alone time instead. Halstead and Lindsay’s break up back in season two even felt satisfying — the episode ended with me not only hopeful, but it was easy to understand why they ended. But again, Kim and Adam were engaged it’s a whole new level that deserved a lot more than what the audience was given.

On the positive side of things, Amy Morton is a class act and her performance today was the perfect reminder of why her character’s so marvelous. She’s the kind of woman who cares so deeply, when she shows it, you feel it. And tonight’s episode definitely made viewers feel the immense adoration she carries for people. If it weren’t for her persistence, sincerity, and vulnerability while speaking to Martin, he would’ve undoubtedly killed himself. She pays attention to people. She listens to them. She knows exactly how to behave at all times and because of this, she not only helped her entire unit, but she helped a man and saved his family from a lifetime of grief.

When Chicago P.D. is good, it’s really good, but the one thing keeping it from reaching my ideal level of perfection is a strong female/female friendship. And tonight’s episode finally gave us a moment between our two leading ladies. I appreciated Erin’s choice to not only present the consequences of what Kim’s decision could mean for a woman but essentially reminding her of the fact that she doesn’t have to suffer for her decisions. She is not only strong enough to get through this all, but she is strong enough to stay in the unit even though Adam is there as well. Erin was there to remind her that at the end of the day, this is her career, and she can’t let anything jeopardize it because her future is brighter than she can imagine. She’s an outstanding officer and Erin has a beautiful way of recognizing this in people. It was lovely watching Erin comfort Burgess, but it was even more lovely learning that Kim was going to choose to stay. Please give me more scenes with these two. And please let’s fix Kim’s relationship with Adam in a tasteful way.

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