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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actress

January 3-9
“Now I’m God” | Chicago P.D.
Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is no stranger on this list, and one of the reasons she quickly became a favorite actress of mine way back when is because of the way she could easily make me cry. And that talent came in handy this week because Bush delivered some of her best performances in “Now I’m God”. There weren’t a lot of heavy tears, but it’s the way in which she kept holding back that spoke so loudly. This week we were able to dive a bit further into Voight and Erin’s past, and by that we learned about Camille’s disapproval in the beginning which later changed in what sounds like a beautiful way. Erin grew on Camille and we learned that the dedication and kindness she later showed resonated with Erin in a way that nothing ever has. Women aren’t often kind to one another and the kindness of one could sincerely be a life changing journey. Camille influenced her and what Bush did in her meticulous expressiveness was brilliant. She made you feel Erin’s gratitude.

Erin couldn’t break down because she had to stay strong for Hank and often times, it’s this kind of heartache that’s difficult to showcase. Bush tried her hardest and in order for us to feel the emotional heartache, Erin had to try her hardest as well. It felt real and that’s perhaps what’s made this performance one of her strongest. The greatest family she’s ever known was with Hank and Camille, and you felt that — the tenderness Bush wore in her expressiveness cobbled with the heartache and genuine desire to remain strong were what made this a masterful performance. All throughout the episode, it was clear to tell that just as this episode was heartbreakingly difficult for us to watch, it was that much more difficult to film, and for Erin, to live through.

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