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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

January 3-9
“Hostage Situation” | Brooklyn Nine Nine 

Many series are still on hiatus but with both Brooklyn Nine Nine and Chicago P.D. resuming with strong episodes, our choice this week wasn’t easy.

However, the way heart and humor are gracefully combined in Brooklyn Nine Nine legitimately never ceases to amaze me. In “Hostage Situation” not only did Andy Samberg deliver excellence, but Jake inspired Charles in his usual inimitable way all while revealing a part of himself that’s not often showcased. We’ve always known that Jake has had strong issues of abandonment, and when he tells Charles he doesn’t need to have biological children in order to be a father, my heart sunk. It was yet another prime opportunity for Jake to open up about his father without it seeming as though the series is trying to give us backstory where it doesn’t work, and that’s why Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of the most brilliantly crafted series on television — its timing is pristine. The writers know exactly when to present key facts about their characters all while maintaining the series’ comedic tone. Jake’s biological father doesn’t count as one for him, but as we’ve learned in “Johnny and Dora”, Captain Holt’s departure wounded him because he’d see him as a father figure.

You don’t have to be blood to be family and for Jake to share this part of himself with his best friend in order to essentially save him from committing a crime, all while trying to inspire him was beautiful. Samberg made you feel Jake’s heartaches and longing without overplaying the situation. This isn’t a scene that required a breakdown, it was a scene that instead demand the right amount of heart. Charles had to not only feel that Jake’s for him, but he had to be reminded of how deeply the lack of a father has wounded him. Samberg delivered this profound moment with right amount of poignancy in his expressiveness making the scene feel incredibly organic.

Honorable Mention: Terry’s choice to call and request that Santiago be taken in as a mentor instead of a mentee was a gorgeous reminder of how deeply he not only cares about his precinct, but the fact that he sees and commends everyone’s abilities wonderfully. Additionally, if there’s one thing that makes me exceptionally proud it’s men reminding the women they work with that they’re gifted in their craft and deserve the proper acknowledgement for all that they do.

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