Chicago P.D. 3×10 “Now I’m God” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

One Chicago.

Case Summary: When a couple of women are admitted to the hospital for an unnecessary chemotherapy overdose, the Intelligence unit gets involved only to learn that the doctor in question is the same man who treated Hank’s deceased wife, Camille. And thankfully, he’s found guilty in court.

Review | Analysis: New year, new style. At this point, cases on Chicago P.D. have become very dark and disturbing thereby, more often than not, leaving me in a state of not wanting to discuss them. While they may be intriguing, they’re rarely storylines I want to dive into further. That said, from now on, reviews will feature a short summary of the case and the analysis aspect will be focused on characters, performances, and dynamics.

However, tonight’s episode was particularly difficult for me to watch because I’m too fainthearted when it comes to medical situations. I can handle all the blood and gore, but when it comes to situations pertaining to our insides, I don’t take them too well. As much as I wish I could watch Chicago Med, it’s sadly not my thing. There were actually plenty of times during tonight’s episode where I considered turning it off but pulled through just to see if proper justice would be served.

I loved everything about the profound moments shared between Voight and Lindsay. Both Jason Beghe and Sophia Bush have delivered some of their finest performances and we like giving credit where it’s due.

Additionally, while it was nice to see that Sean won’t be convicted of anything and Richie’s brother is a decent person, the storyline felt dissatisfying. I expected it to take a much different turn with the entire unit involved, but once again it just felt like a completely distanced storyline that didn’t fit. I understand that Burgess and Roman aren’t technically part of Intelligence, but they’re significant members of the district, and it would’ve been more appropriate if a case like this wasn’t handled alone.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Hopefully, I’ll have more material to discuss next week.

Worth Mentioning: The real-life home videos were a genius choice, but damn did they make the situation that much more heartbreaking. Chicago P.D. writers, if waterworks is what you were aiming for, you’ve succeeded.

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