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Fall ’15 Finale Roundup: Week Two

|December 13-20|

The second week of finales concluded with solid episodes featuring ABC’s Quantico and Fox’s Brooklyn Nine Nine leaving us with plenty to discuss.

Most Exquisite TV Moment

Yippe Kayak” | Brooklyn Nine Nine 

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s “Yippe Kayak” as an entirety can be featured in this category because the episode was yet another glorious Christmas gift to us all. However, if we have to pick one moment, it’s without a doubt the end featuring a relieved kiss between Jake and Amy followed by Captain Holt telling Terry he’d be the perfect candidate for Captain. Additionally, Charles choosing to forgive Jake for forgetting his gift was an excellent representation of their incredible friendship — these things happen in life, and we must be open to forgive. And lastly, concluding the episode with Gina lighting the match was hysterical. It felt right and the icing on top of an already incredible episode.

Most Stunning Montage

“Inside” | Quantico

At the beginning of the series, it appeared as though the females would be pinned against one another just because there “has to be” competition, and frankly, that’s my biggest complaint against Quantico. But thankfully, “Inside” gave us an awesome montage with Alex, Shelby, Natalie, and Nima. It was nice to the see the girls come together and take advantage of their solitude in Quantico by drinking, laughing, and singing. They could’ve gone their own ways and done their own thing, but they chose to spend it together — Shelby even chose to go to the Haas Christmas party only if the others could go too. Scenes like this in an episode that would’ve other wise been too plot driven are everything. It was a breath of fresh air and essentially, a nice little addition to the Christmas themed finales.

“Wait what? What just happened?”

“Inside” | Quantico

A suicide, another bomb, and an explosion — it’s safe to say Quantico takes the crown this Fall. I’ve never really made guesses on who the bomber could be because I knew at the end of the day, I’d probably be wrong. However, even though some things were put into perspective this week, it still doesn’t make it any easier to guess the culprit. Elias’ suicide stemmed from guilt and fears was completely unexpected and heartbreaking, but perhaps we can hold onto the hope that he may have survived? On a series like this, I tend to believe a person is dead until the body is shown. And the explosion from the second bomb was downright unfair, especially since we’ve got to wait three months to see who’s behind it all.

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