#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 24

25 Love Stories 24/25
Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak (Arrow)


Behind every great man is an even greater woman. And when it comes to television couples, this particular saying works perfectly for Arrow’s Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen. Oliver would be nowhere near as great of a hero if it weren’t for Felicity by his side. She continuously makes him better just by being her genius, effervescently engulfing self. I can honestly say that it weren’t for Felicity, I would not have stuck around with the series. Felicity has kept me interested since her very first appearance and clearly I wasn’t alone in all this. And from the very beginning, viewers could tell there was something exquisitely beautiful blossoming between the two. The challenges that they’ve faced have inspired them to come forth about their true feelings — it’s been beautiful to watch Oliver finally validate how deeply he admires, respects, and needs Felicity. And it’s also been beautiful to see Felicity realize that she’s valued more than she’s imagined — someone as extraordinary as her needs to hear she’s a treasure more often. Oliver and Felicity are two people who’ve been misunderstand and judged more often than not, thus the most winsome part of their relationship is that from the moment they met, it’s all been real.

Oliver’s seen the real Felicity and she’s seen the real Oliver. It’s easy to be themselves because the other person has always appreciated them for who they are. Felicity’s the kind of woman who deserves to be ceaselessly cherished, and Oliver has finally realized that he’ll never be more fortunate in his life if he doesn’t accept the honor of loving her. Prior to them actually getting together, Oliver substantiates just how deeply he cares for her as he makes it clear that when it comes to Felicity, she always comes first. He’d destroy anyone who’d ever try to bring harm to her without hesitation. It was captivating to see that even though he clearly didn’t understand what was happening to him, he continued to fight for her. He found himself jealous of anyone else that was given the chance to stand by her side. Oliver’s notorious reputation as a ladies man is never an issue when he’s around Felicity. She’s his soul mate. She’s the person he’d willingly change for. She’s the person he’d want to be better for. She’s the one he’d grow for. She’s the person he’d do anything to protect even if his decisions aren’t always wise.

During their very first date in “The Calm” Oliver states that because there was something special about Felicity, she was the first person he was able to see as a human being. And that is exactly what solidifies the fact that Felicity effortlessly brings out the best in him. It was a nice parallel to a few episodes back, namely, “Time of Death” where Felicity momentarily questioned herself and her physical strength. Oliver’s “you’ll always be my girl” comment was incomparable and admirable because she wasn’t ever just someone they needed around because of how smart she is. She was someone they needed because she made them better. And they adored her to bits. What’s most admirable about her character is the amount of heart she continuously brings to everything she does, and with that, she’s able to project such inimitable strength. How can we not adore the fact that what’s being promoted through her phenomenal character is the conception that smart is sexy, without a doubt even, the sexiest. “Team Arrow” wouldn’t function without the fierce quirky girl who brings a prodigious amount of soul to this show. I felt as though his acknowledgement was a formal declaration that she’s genuinely the most valued regardless of who makes their way into “Team Arrow”. At the end of the day, every woman deserves to know that because of everything that they are, they’re treasured. Thus, it was nice of Oliver to once more and much formerly acknowledge that it’s always been her — her safety and happiness is something he values greatly.

Felicity is the only one Oliver can be vulnerable with. She’s the only one who can inspire him to willingly be better and because of that, he finds himself drawn to her in ways he’s never been drawn to another soul. When they finally got together, Oliver was better — he was glowing. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? (Lol). I mean the guy was cooking, running around smiling like the world was his, and wanting to propose in an adorably romantic way because Felicity deserves only the best. And that vulnerability which he’s constantly exhibiting now is laid bare by a man who’s yet to show that much heart, and a woman who bravely opened her heart and stood up for what she knows she deserves is with her other half who’d die for her. Their relationship may not always be as sunny as it is now, but at the end of the day, we can be confident in the fact that no matter what happens, home will always be the place where they’re together. It’ll be the place where they’ll fight alongside one another for the greater good. They’re better together. They’re stronger. They’re happier. On currently airing TV series, they’re two of the strongest partners. They’re right for each other. They can protect one another in ways no one else can.

Each of their professed words always comes from a heartfelt place –nothing is held back. (Other than this big secret of course, sigh.) A woman who was brave enough to be herself saved a man from himself — a man who wouldn’t be nearly as admirable if it weren’t for her lively, compassionate spirit bringing light back into his life. He’s grown as a better person because of her, and she’s found so much of herself in loving him. I will probably never get over the fact that Felicity admitted to finding herself when she lost herself in him because that’s what love does — it challenges you in ways you’ve never imagined. It takes pieces of you and makes them better. Love cherishes, it shares burdens, it trusts, it fights, it breaks, and it can heal even the darkest wounds. Oliver and Felicity have saved each other in incomparable ways and it’s been an absolute delight watching them take on life together. This is their journey. It’s the journey of two individuals who’ve adored one another from day one making sacrifices for each other and doing everything in their power to bring light and happiness into their partner’s lives. Oliver can only be successful, if Felicity’s by his side — as a fiancé, partner, and best friend.  And if that’s not an engaging love story then we don’t know it is. They’re going to be just fine.

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