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25 Love Stories 23/25
Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

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We have gone from a staunch “no way, it just shouldn’t happen? Why ruin their weird little friendship with a relationship” type to an “OMG THEY’RE JUST SO CUTE” type. Yes, we have become Charles Boyle. In our defense regarding how slowly we, as viewers, took to their relationship, we sometimes feel as though all shows, at some point fall too easily back on the “they’re the opposite sex, they’re both attractive and they’re opposites as well…they must be together romantic stylez” (see what we did there?) cliché. But some how, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago have worked their way into our souls. It’s the way the writers and producers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have pulled it all together. They’ve not sacrificed the friendship in their relationship, the parts that make Jake and Amy, Jake and Amy. He can still be vaguely insensitive and immature and she can still be too serious and too much of a suck-up. But they come together, beautifully. They work as a unit, as friends and clearly as romantic partners.

Because the whole “mock the person you have a crush on” scenario has been done so many times before, it becomes irksome. However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers have done an excellent job with the way they’ve developed Jake and Amy’s blossoming romance. Sometimes, all it takes is potentially losing someone to realize just how much they’re worth to you. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try to conceal your feelings, the more likely they’ll develop further. After Jake’s confession in the season one finale, we had hoped that the way their relationship would pan out would be graceful enough to feel real, and that’s precisely how it’s been. Just because their feelings have been laid bare, nothings changed between them — Jake suddenly hasn’t stopped mocking Amy’s quirky nature, and she continues to point out his flaws every opportunity she gets. It’s entertaining, real, and a relationship we love watching. There’s something phenomenal about a woman effortlessly bringing out a man’s kind heart simply by being herself. There’s something phenomenal about a man acknowledging that his female partner makes him a better detective. And that’s our favorite thing about these two.

The most riveting part of Jake and Amy’s relationship is perhaps the fact that nothing’s changed now that they’re together. You can see the deeper connection and desire to be around one another, but they still challenge each other in the way they always have. And the art of challenging a partner is one of the defining factors which makes couples so successful. Other than the fact that they have the same career, Jake and Amy don’t have too many similarities. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting to be around each other — it doesn’t stop them from wanting to talk to one another about anything and everything that crosses their mind. They may have started out as “light and breezy”, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t enough. At the end of the day, they came to the realization that the other’s company is far more important than a mere casual fling. They can’t be casual because they’ve never been — even when Jake was childishly mocking Amy, he was still praising her abilities as a cop. He wanted to beat her not because he cared to be more superior, but because she was better and the skills she possesses have always challenged him to rise higher. A relationship like theirs could jeopardize a lot, but love’s all about taking risks. It’s about being their for someone, growing with someone, and making sacrifices. Jake Peralta would probably not have bought a new mattress for just anyone. Amy’s special. She’s been special from day one and the gradual way in which he’s shown that has been remarkable to watch. This relationship’s about compromise but it’s also about complete opposites finding new ways to cherish and adore each other.

Take for example those amazing Halloween episodes. We think a fair few of us thought it would be Captain Holt vs Jake again. But no, Amy Santiago is an amazing detective slash genius deserving of a crown. Jake was insensitive and kind of a jerk, but when Amy did what Amy does best, did he go all dude bro? Nope! Jake Peralta was happy to crown his weird amazing girlfriend as Queen of the Nine-Nine.

We cannot wait to watch this relationship develop further. We cannot wait for more raw, vulnerable moments between the two where secrets are shared and feelings are bared further. Sometimes, you fall in love with the person who you’ll constantly want the best for — the person you’ll always be happy for. Sometimes, you fall in love with your strange best friend — “romantic stylez”, and it turns into one of the most outstanding relationships on television.

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