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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 21

25 Love Stories 21/25
Ty Borden and Amy Fleming (Heartland)


Heartland is my happy show, and to this very day I’m thankful my dear friend Allison forced me to binge watch all five seasons because it’s made my Sunday nights wonderful. Even when things get bad, as cheesy as it sounds, I can always count on the series to find a way to make my heart happy. Ty Borden and Amy Fleming are perhaps the sweetest version of the bad boy meets a good girl storyline. What I’ve always appreciated about the two is that they’ve painted a healthy representation of a relationship that changes and grows with age. It started off as a friendship, and it’s now one of the most beautiful partnerships on television. Their journey’s been anything but easy, sometimes, it’s been frustrating, but at the end of the day, Ty and Amy continuously play a role in making the other better.

At times, Heartland has tackled some pretty cliché storylines, but for the very first time, they didn’t make me cringe. I didn’t find myself in a state of “do I continue watching the show or do I quit?” And perhaps that’s how I can personally tell it’s remarkable. Sometimes we need the clichés in our lives, but only if they’re done properly — if they tell a story much bigger than what we can fathom as simple human beings. In this case, it was about the kind of growth some people spend a lifetime trying to reach. Sometimes you temporarily lose what’s most important in order to understand that unlike anybody else in the world, they’re capable of helping you become the best version you could possibly be. It didn’t matter how capable Ahmed was of providing elaborate means for Amy to do her job, working alongside Ty and her family helped her tap into the vulnerability she needs in order help horses. And even when Ty needed to go off on his own to understand a life outside of Heartland, it didn’t change the fact that nothing made him feel the comfort he’s found at home with Amy. Prior to getting married, the two needed to find themselves in ways they would’ve otherwise not been able to. It required stepping out and being alone for a while in order to see that home isn’t a place, it’s a person. They are each other’s home, and they’re capable of doing a great amount of impeccable things together.


It’s always intriguing to watch relationships where both parties are completely stripped of all their walls. As much as Ty’s tough and he comes from a difficult childhood, he isn’t afraid of admitting his fears to Amy — he isn’t afraid of being honest and open to her about the things that pang him. Similarly, Amy isn’t afraid of being vulnerable in front of him. And that kind of establishment not only comes from building a solid foundation on trust, but it’s a sense of security that ultimately showcases both parties are fantastic individuals. Sometimes, people don’t feel safe enough to reveal all that’s on their mind because not everyone’s capable of understanding and comforting in a way that suitably helps. But with Ty and Amy, the know exactly what to say that’ll give their partner the inspiration they need to conquer whatever it is in their path.

Their story is perhaps the sweetest one on currently airing television — it’s sincerely adorable to watch them embark on a married life in a way that I’ve only seen ever seen once before. It’s not always easy. You don’t just pick up everything and move away, sometimes you end up in the loft where it all began. It’s one of the elements that plays a role in making them so exceptional to watch right now. The audience knows Ty and Amy are forever, but we want to watch them fall deeper and deeper. I’m a fan of stability — some of my favorite relationships on this list are the couples that have been together for so long, you forget there was a time they weren’t. Bottom line is, that way, it feels more real. Relationships take a lot of work, and they’re not always a walk in the park, but when two people are completely devoted to one another, they’re going to make things work. They’re going to fight for each other because they know that life’s darker when they’re not together.

Ty and Amy have taken care of each other since the very beginning. Even when Ty was a rebellious kid sent into Heartland to better himself, he fought to protect Amy at a party. Though it was wrong of him, it showcases the fact that he’s a respectable gentleman who can’t stand the idea of a female being harmed in anyway. And from then on, though they’d argue, in an unconventional way they looked out for one another until the moment they were officially responsible to protect each other’s hearts. That’s what love does, it protects, it guides, it adores, and it cherishes. When you love someone, you don’t change because they make you, you change because you want to be better, and that’s exactly how it happened with Ty. He wanted to be worthy of standing side by side with Amy. He wanted to understand her; he wanted to be apart of her world because he began to see the beauty in everything that made her glow. Her passions and unwavering dedication to horses allowed him to see that there’s endless splendor in this life. It’s astounding to have been given the opportunity to see Ty pull through everything he’s ever faced for his degree. Who would’ve imagined that the bad boy in the loft would one day become a Vet? It’s moments like these that remind viewers of just how much this series has evolved through all the years and no matter how cheesy, it’s a breath of fresh air. What ultimately had me in tears with this storyline is the moment Amy showed Ty the plaque on the door with their names on it. From the very beginning it’s been about their partnership. It’s been Ty reminding Amy that she’s great at what she does and Amy encouraging him to be his best self. It’s been about their journey towards creating a healthy, incredible environment for horses + other animals, and this is only the beginning. It’s the beginning of a union brought together by steadfast adoration and devotion towards the greater good. It’s gorgeous to constantly see them help one another through their fears because while they’re great apart, together they’re extraordinary. Together, they’re unstoppable.

It’s been a long journey for these two, but from what we’ve seen, their bond is strong enough to conquer anything in their path. There’s magic in the kind of relationship that’s fortified through trust and adoration, and it’s always been exceptional watching them fall in love even through all the passing storms.

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