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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 20

25 Love Stories 20/25
Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence (Boy Meets World)


For as much as I hate the childhood best friends to lovers storyline, I’d be absolutely ridiculous if I didn’t adore Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence for everything that they are. Boy Meets World has set our expectations for love far too high since we were kids, but the reality is, while not everyone marries their first love, Cory and Topanga embody a healthy, wonderful relationship at its absolute finest. And contrary to Cory’s belief in later seasons, the two weren’t in love from the sandbox — now that’s unrealistic. Like most kids in middle school, they explored possibilities of a relationship, but they couldn’t fully understand the depths of what made love enchanting and remarkable. Nevertheless, when they finally gave their developing crushes a go, Cory and Topanga grew together in ways not many kids do: although they aren’t similar in character, at the core where it matters, their morals align.

We wonder though, if the reason they were so incredible, especially for us females, is because Cory was so devoted as a man. One of the most idealistic things he’s ever said was: “I remember everything you ever said because it was important to me.” We can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but there’s nothing more vital in our book than someone who really listens. And that’s what Cory Matthews did when he began to understand that Topanga’s not just the girl that sits in front of him. He took her interests into consideration, he listened to her desires, and he remembered. He remembered her heartaches and her inner battles. He remembered her fervent passions and distinctive choices. And what’s genuinely so beautiful is that in the moment where this conversations being had, Topanga doesn’t even remember that it’s something she’s said thereby, revealing that while we may forget things we’ve said, those we love don’t. At least when love is this pure they don’t.

Topanga Lawrence was a tiny little weirdo whose wisdom essentially walked into the room first — followed closely by her gorgeous hair. And she’s the most accurate representation of who a lot of us really are, only we aren’t always brave enough to be. That said, in the moment she was most courageous to showoff her effervescent spirit, Cory Matthews fell madly in love with her. In the midst of reciting a poem, she took red lipstick and drew a heart around her face. And years later, after Cory states that he remembers, she recreates the moment in an attempt to comfort him. In a moment where his greatest desire was to feel as though they’re kids again, she recreated one the most beautiful moments from their past.

And perhaps, that’s the greatest reason we’re all so fond of the two — childhood never dies. Whether we realize it or not, we firmly believe that there’s a part of all of us which continuously longs for our childhood. And maybe that’s why the storyline of best friends to lovers is so treasured by many. There’s magic in memories, but shared memories hold something incomparable and indescribable. Cory and Topanga are lucky enough to share so much making their relationship that much more beautiful. They’ve grown together. A lot of couples get to see old pictures and smile in wonder of what it’d be like knowing their loves back then, but with these two, they can vouch for those pictures. They can tell their kids of the time dad’s curly hair was super straight behind a baseball cap. They can tell their kids about a time where when dad was teacher for a day, mom was channeling under the name of “yynnnggaoowww”. There’s something unbelievably special about this kind of love and it’s why we’ve all craved it. And while it doesn’t in anyway mean it’s the only way love can be beautiful, it simply reminds us of the fact that holding on to our childhood is important. The fact that they’ve both held onto who they used to be grounds them in a way nothing else can. Sometimes, we can’t deny that there are other forces at work and when it comes to these two, we can be certain that even the universe wanted them to be together.

We always appreciated the way Cory fervently believed in the fact that their relationship would put statistics to shame. He firmly believed that no matter what anyone said, their relationship would last. And as Once Upon A Time’s Snow White says, “believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is very powerful thing.” The fact that Cory never gave up hope, even when Topanga lost all hers at the wake of her parents’ divorce, he never stopped fighting to remind the girl that made him better that their love was unparalleled. He believed in a happy ending. He believed in this idea that if love’s given a chance, it can do wonders. And sometimes when things get tough, it’s the loss of hope that forces people down dark paths. It’s the loss of hope and the choice to allow negative voices to do the talking. It’s admirable that Cory’s never done this, and it’s why we’re often so enamored with their relationship. The world needs more people to believe. If you believe in the fact that love can survive anything, then it truly can. It’s necessary to note that while Cory’s the one who’s often showcased how passionately he believes in their relationship, he’s always given the credit to Topanga. He’s credited her  character for ceaselessly inspiring him. Her uniquely wonderful soul taught him how to see the beauty in the universe. She’s the reason he looks at everything with a childlike wonder — she’s the reason he’s courageous enough to believe in the seemingly impossible. Topanga’s always been steadfast in her beliefs, and the wander in her spirit cobbled with the purity and goodness in her aura perpetually played a role in inspiring Cory to be the best he can be. He credits her for everything while she credits him and the fact that the two still see such inexpressible love in each other exhibits the very fact that belief and hope are indeed everything.

It wasn’t always easy for them. There was a time where immaturity and others stood as roadblocks, but when the time came to fight for love, that’s exactly what was done. He did his thing, she did hers, and in the end, it’s beautiful that they found happily ever after with one another.

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