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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 19

25 Love Stories 19/25
Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen (Suits)

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Suits is without a doubt one of the most captivating series on currently airing television, but for me personally, it’s also the most frustrating. And I will unapologetically admit that while the series itself is brilliant, there have been plenty of times where I’ve been tempted to quit because Harvey Specter and Donna Paulsen are two of the most ridiculously stubborn characters on television. There are times where I can understand why the most popular relationship doesn’t prevail, sometimes canon tells a better story than what the majority of fans want, but when it comes to Harvey and Donna’s relationship, I have an extremely difficult time understanding how on earth these characters could possibly give themselves to someone else when their hearts belong to each other.

It’s legitimately baffling that there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for one another and yet, they’re not giving their relationship a try. In theory, Harvey and Donna are perfect for each other, any two people with a relationship like theirs need to be together. And now this isn’t to say that females and males can’t have a strong friendship without it developing into something more, but this is me pointing out that there’s a connection between them that goes far deeper than a friendship. They’re closer to each other than any other person they embark on a relationship with, and that’s not only unfair to them, but it’s unfair for their partners to know that there’s someone else out there who knows them better than they ever will. And perhaps that’s the thing with Harvey and Donna, they know so much about each other it’s almost unbelievable, but it’s not even the amount of time they’ve spent working together, it’s about the fact that they’ve clicked in a way no two people ever have. They trust, they adore, and they feel safe enough to let their walls down.

I think what ultimately frustrates me is the fact that the series constantly presents events that I just don’t understand how not to ship them. There was the trial back in season two, the married joke in season one, and the occurrences of the fourth season’s finale where Donna finally chose to leave him after promising she’d never. There’s absolutely nothing Harvey wouldn’t do for and that includes fraudulent activity in order to insure she never sees a prison cell because of an honest mistake that was made. The idea alone destroys him, and it’s heartbreaking to see all this because together, there’s no problem they wouldn’t be able to quickly solve. He legitimately cannot be who he is without her — the man completely fell apart when she left him. She’s irreplaceable for him. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her. She is everything: his backbone, his strength, his mind, and his heart. Donna knows exactly what she needs to say in order to remind him of the best lawyer he can be, but beyond that, she knows how to help him through any difficulty he faces. She’s the only character who knows the ins and outs of his character making her the most significant figure in his life. And we watched him fall, we watched him breakdown in ways we’d never right after she’d gone to work for Louis. How could there not be something more? Donna’s saved him, time and time again just by being herself and that alone is beautiful.

Harvey Specter is a Donna fan and Donna Paulsen is a Harvey fan. It’s actually grossly adorable how much they value the other’s character because they know there is no one else in the world that’s like them. There’s no one else in the world with the same extraordinary persona cobbled with unique quirks and flaws that make them perfect to each other. During a conversation with Rachel, Donna states the reason their one time thing can’t become anything more is because when it does, everything changes — they can never go back. I don’t yell at my TV often, but I do a lot when Suits is on because truly, I can accept canon ships even if I don’t prefer them, but I cannot accept a fate where Harvey and Donna aren’t together. It’d merely be a wasted opportunity to tell an epic story about how having faith in someone else and loving them completely makes the world a better place. It makes two people better in ways they’d never imagined they could be. Love’s all about growth, the bravery to constantly open the heart even when it’s scary, and perhaps that’s what the two of them are lacking. In a way, I respect the series for taking this as slow as they have, that’s not something I have a problem with, it’s anything but easy to risk a friendship like theirs thereby, the fears are understandable. My problem I suppose, is the fact that for once, I’m not certain where the stories going and as a fan it makes me nervous. It makes me nervous because I can’t seem to grasp the idea that two people as close as they are can’t see how perfect they’d be together.

There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for each other, no boundaries they wouldn’t cross and no obstacles they wouldn’t face. They don’t know how not to care about each other. They don’t know how not to adore each other. And they don’t know how to not take care of each other. The love within is so boldly encompassing, fears of it jeopardizing what they already have clearly play a prodigious role in keeping them apart. It keeps them from understanding what they really want and feel. If there’s any TV couple that word for word embodies “Say Something” by A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera, it’s Donna and Harvey. Watch this beauty and weep with us, friends.

Which couple is #19 on your list? And do you find this tale as frustrating as we do?

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