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Happy Thanksgiving

We are wholeheartedly thankful everyday, but it’s nice to dedicate an entire day solely to gratitude.


There has been a lot going on in the world — many terrorist attacks, deaths, bombing of cities where kids used to play. But we must not forget all the good there still is, and all those who give a helping hand. That’s what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving day. I’m thankful for those who have sacrificed their safety to help families have shelter for the night. I’m thankful for countries who unite together to give people new homes. I’m thankful for all the individuals who have made their voices heard somehow. Whether they’ve helped thousands, or one individual, I’m thankful for them. It’s those stories, that let me hold on to hope that humanity still exists. A few bad seeds do not ruin the garden we create, as long as we hold on to our beliefs, hopes and dreams for world peace.


Marian has already spoken beautifully about the selfless people who’ve played a part in healing this broken world, so I’d like to offer my thanks to my dearest family and friends who’ve been my strength through the most difficult and frustrating time of my life. It’s been difficult writing and sometimes it’s been even more difficult to feel like myself when I’ve not been feeling my best physically. But now that all the pain is a distant memory and I’m free from medication, I wish thank you was enough to show that I truly couldn’t have conquered this without those who’ve been my side — near, far, new, or old. Anyone who’s shown even an ounce of kindness to me has been a great light in my world. I wish I had better words, but hopefully this is enough.

The both of us then wanted to offer our thanks to all those who’ve supported MGcircles all these years. We honestly wouldn’t be here without our readers — every word, every comment truly means so much to us and we couldn’t describe our gratitude even if we tried. We hope that our site inspires. It’s why we created it in the first place, all we’ve wanted to do is spread some positivity on the internet. There’s always something going on in the world that manages to break all our hearts, but if we could offer a bit of kindness and love, then we feel we’ve done at least something right. We’d like to thank God, for without whom we wouldn’t be the women we are today. We wouldn’t have as many blessings and we do, and we are eternally grateful for the love of Christ that makes us exactly who we are. We are nothing but mere mortals without His word and the gifts he’s bestowed us. Once again, thank you all for everything. Thank you to our parents who’ve taught us all that we know. Thank you to our siblings. Thank you to our friends and loved ones. Thank you to our fellow group of writers. And thank you to anyone who sprinkles love and light into this world.




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