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Scandal 5×09 “Rasputin” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Liv gets an abortion.

Episode Summary: Olivia makes a shocking decision that will change her relationship with Fitz forever.

Review | Analysis: Let’s be honest right now. We did NOT see what happened on the winter finale of Scandal coming. Like at all.

Christmas is supposed to a time where everyone is happy and whatnot, right? Well, not in Olivia’s case. She was miserable and everyone was noticing.

Mellie, seemed to have a problem with Fitz’s spending bill that he had coming up. Planned Parenthood was the issue and Mellie did not want to vote for that, so she started filibustering. All bow down to Mellie!

Huck still had Rowan. Papa Pope started talking to get under Huck’s skin. No surprise there. He believed he was Jake and Huck’s father as well as Olivia, but Huck had power.

As soon as Rowan brought up Javi, Huck had him by the throat.

Olivia was unhappy with Fitz. Huck turned the tables and told Rowan how Jake and Fitz had both been between Olivia’s legs. He asked which he’d approve of. Ouch.

Fitz wasn’t happy with Mellie filibustering. Cyrus wanted to separate the pair during this whole thing, but Mellie was holding her end up.

Shocker, Tom is alive! He faked his death.

Mellie was losing steam during the filibuster and that was because she had to use the restroom. Ha. Vice President Ross came to the rescue and helped Mellie out. Once she went to the restroom, Olivia was there. Mellie admitted that she was done.

She finally called off the filibuster after successfully killing the bill.

Meanwhile, Olivia didn’t show up to the dinner she was supposed to because well she was getting an ABORTION!

Fitz asked where she was, but she was not ready to stab him in the heart by admitting she just got an abortion. But enough was enough, she went OFF!

They both went at it. Fitz called her out for not wanting to marry him. Finally, Olivia stuck the knife in his heart, but to deep enough to ruin him. “There is no us. There is no future,” Liv said.

She moved out of the White House and moved back to her apartment. Fitz spent Christmas alone. Charlie showed up at Quinn’s doorstep. Huck dropped off Rowan off at his house, Jake was waiting there. I thought this was the moment where Papa Pope was done, but I guess not. Jake and him go inside the house together.

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