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Scandal 5×08 “Even the Devil Deserves A Second Chance” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

David finds out Olivia is the one behind everything and she gets arrested.

Episode Summary: Olivia tries to figure out who is trying to kill her father, while Jake is trying to kill her father, and Fitz along with Cyrus and David are trying to do anything they can to find who released him.

Review | Analysis: Olivia’s happily ever after seems to be slowly drifting away. She was finally getting closer to Vermont, but some things are not meant to be. To be honest, I always thought Fitz would end up being the one to blame, but this is all on Liv. Think about it. She’s the one who let her father out who just so happened to have killed Fitz’s son AND she has been lying about it to both Mellie and Fitz when they know that she did it. No bueno!

Scandal has yet again, created another fictional country, The Republic of Bandar. The deal is that the U.S. has been trying to sign a disarmament deal with the country for a long time and it seems like it’s finally happening until a translator by the name of Navid, gets Liv’s attention at dinner and asks for asylum. In return, he offers the location of a secret nuclear facility.

Thanks to OPA, Liv goes to the hospital to visit Navid and basically tells him off. Calling him a liar and promising that he’ll be shipped back to Bandar asap.

Huck realizes that there is something going on. It’s not only a nuclear plant, but a massive computer lab dedicated to launching cyberattacks on the west. What?!

Once again, Liv goes back to the hospital and finds Navid almost dead after his wrists had been sliced. He apparently would rather die than go back home because Liv realizes he’s gay. And being gay and going back to a country like Bandar, means death either way.

Fitz begins to sign the treaty in front of a ton of cameras, but Liv calls Abby and tells her to tell him to stop. But instead, he takes the pen and closes the cap. Once the treaty is really signed, he whispers something to Bandar’s leader about how he’s going to blow up their cyber asylum. He also gives Navid asylum.

Cyrus wants whatever black ops agents there are to go after Rowan, but Fitz says “it’s being handled.” Such a Olivia thing to say. But Cyrus being Cyrus, figures out a way to convince David that he needs to get the FBI on the case.

With Mellie being pretty absent from this episode, she still manages to not let Liv out of their deal. She tells Liv if she’s back on, she’ll tell Fitz about Rowan. Abby even agrees that she needs to tell Fitz.

Apparently Rowan is being haunted. He seems scared as he tells Olivia this. What’s interesting is that he’s not scared of Jake, but his other so-called “sons” who have turned against him. He tells her that he’s given her everything she needs to survive and that he’s proud of who she has become.

Welcome back Jake! Him and Liv talk in the Oval Office, but the talking slowly becomes an argument, Liv thinks her father is telling her the truth, but Jake doesn’t think that at all. Liv does probably the stupidest thing yet, and says “oh I was supposed to choose you. You wanted me to say I didn’t love him.” OK. Really? And of course Fitz walks in just as the argument gets even more heated.

More lies come forth. Liv asks Huck about Lazarus One and Huck says he’s never heard about it. Turns out he was lying and that he has been working with Jake. Once he realizes how badly Jake wants to take down Rowan, he takes himself out of the equation.

Olivia gets arrested thanks to David. Cyrus is overjoyed by this. Fitz, however, not so much. He promises he will figure out how this happened and that he’ll make it go away because it just can’t be true that Olivia was behind all of this.

Fitz tells Cyrus he wants Liv released, charges dropped and for her to come directly to the White House. It seems to be news to Olivia as well who goes to the White House for a shower to see that the contents of her closet have been rolled in on a garment rack. Fitz tells her that she’s going to be living there now and that there will be Secret Service around so she is safe and protected.

By the way, Jake finds Tom (B613 agent) dead and Rowan’s been taken to a warehouse that has a pool in it, secured to a chair with plastic ties. Huck has him, but question is what is he going to do?? And uh why is David still sleeping with Lizzie Bear if he’s flirting with Susan Ross?


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