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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 14

25 Love Stories 14/25
Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

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Friday Night Lights is perhaps the second best when it comes to family shows. My Full House bias is kicking in for this, but consecutively as a whole, it’s an impeccable reminder of what the good life should be like. Eric and Tami Taylor are perhaps the greatest, most warm married couple on television making each of their scenes an absolute delight to watch. #RelationshipGoals — they define it. One of my favorite things that’s ever been said about them actually comes from another writer: “For five seasons, fans never feared that Eric and Tami would call it quits. The Taylors were solid. No matter what life threw at these two, they tackled it like they were Tim Riggins leading Smash Williams down the field at State. Tami and Eric — much like Texas — were forever.” (source). I found this little paragraph to be the absolute perfect summary of their relationship. They are not only constantly exuding hope, but their hard work and perseverance is an unceasing inspiration.

Their lives were anything but easy, and interestingly, they’re the only pair on this list whose entire development hasn’t been shown. And that’s ultimately what makes them so special — you don’t always have to get the whole story to see beauty. What we were given with Tami and Eric was a married couple taking the world by storm. One day at a time. Backstory is wonderful, but what we saw with them was always more than enough. They weren’t just in the background, they were there through every obstacle teaching viewers and characters how situations should be properly handed. They were the heart of Friday Night Lights.

One of the most important aspects of their relationship was the equality. Eric and Tami were true partners. And no matter how awful his day was, at the end, Eric would continually praise his wife — remind her of how wonderful she is every time he was given the opportunity to. Without Tami’s ceaseless support, Eric wouldn’t have been as great of a coach. He needed someone to constantly believe in him, someone who’d remind him of how capable he is at difficult times, and someone who’d love him even when he’d fallen. They gave 110% to their relationship all the time and it’s this exact devotion that gave those around them hope.

They believed in each other so much that they sacrificed their own dreams for one another all the time. While Tami’s done it more than Eric, it doesn’t change the fact that it was difficult for him to leave Texas. However, at the end of the day, what mattered more than anything was his love for his wife. It was stronger than anything else he’d faced in the world, and he knew that if this was something that would make her happy, it would make him happy as well. It may have taken some time, but there was no choice at the end of the day. Tami was his choice and she’ll always be.

Their teamwork is the exact kind of parenting someone like Julie and others needed to be exposed to. The fervent teamwork gave them patience to take on everything respectfully and honorably. It gave them the means to understand how to take on every situation even the ones they couldn’t control or started off looking towards it in anger. It was only moments until they would talk things through with one another then find ways to resolve their issues with love and kindness.

One of the things, I personally truly appreciate with this couple is the fact that they never had ridiculous drama involving love triangles of the sort. Special thank you to Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler who actively pushed writers never to give them this storyline because they wanted to create a solid marriage. Britton describes this wonderfully in this particular interview, so I’d advice readers to watch it after reading this. I will never understand why  writers enjoy pulling couples apart for reasons like because it’s anything but boring to watch happy couples. Real love is messy, but to break couples apart is actually what’s boring because it’s seen so often on television that it’s redundant. My parents were together until my dad’s death, and while they had their drama, not once was the love between them threatened. We rarely see such couples on television so, truly, I’m thankful Friday Night Lights gave viewers an example of a gorgeous marriage.

It was always great to watch these two take on everything. And like I said, they’re so different than most of the couples on this list but they’re ultimately prime examples of a marriage that’s everlasting. There’s moments where love doesn’t make sense and they’re not on the same page, but that’s not a threat, it’s an obstacle. Real relationships are full of disagreements, and they’re filled with perpetual adoration. Tami and Eric were the perfect pair to remind viewers that while it’s not always sunny, when love is real, it’s always beautiful. It’s not always glitz and glamour but ceaseless support makes every part of a real relationship worth it. They can handle whatever comes their way because the love between them sparks every fire in their body. They’re honest, they’re forgiving, they’re open, they’re closed — they’re complicated, but at the end of the day, it’s always been clear that there’s no one else in the world for them. Life’s a journey they’ll always be on together. Their love is a promise to fight through whatever’s in their way with adoration and integrity. Friday Night Lights is one of the very few series that accurately depicts families and characters beautifully thereby, making Eric and Tami one of the most impeccable couples written in TV history. We could all learn a thing or two from their unbreakable love.


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