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Nashville Recaps Note

It is with sincere sadness and gratitude that I write this post because if there’s one thing I hate when it comes to work, it’s quitting something. Nashville just isn’t the same for me right now and because our site has a strict rule against negativity, it’s a must that I stop reviewing the series. The thing is, I love it greatly still and I will continue to watch it every week, but the storylines are too sad for me to write about afterwards. It’s draining and I feel that when I don’t have positive things to talk about, I’m not doing the work justice. I don’t doubt that the series will pick up eventually, but for the time being, the drama just isn’t my style. I watch my fair share of heavy television, but there are storylines I just cannot bring myself to write about, and they’re the kind Nashville is currently tackling.

Since I will continue watching the series, it’ll still be a huge part of MGcircles (performance reviews/exquisite TV moments). It’ll also be featured on other projects we’re working on. Fans of the series have always been so welcoming and kind towards my reviews thereby, making this decision so difficult for me to make. And for that, I offer my deepest apologies and hope you all understand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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