#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 13

25 Love Stories 13/25
Devon Woodcomb and Ellie Bartowski (Chuck)


Devon “Awesome” Woodcomb and Ellie Bartowski are perhaps one of the greatest and most underrated couples in TV history. There’s never a dull moment between the two and while their story isn’t often the center of the series, Chuck wouldn’t have been the same without them. If you paid close attention you’d notice that the way they love one another is truly ideal. The development of their relationship and all around presence did an incredible job of grounding viewers from a world of outrageous shenanigans that spies go through. Ellie and Awesome are an impeccably solid team — whether they’re comforting one another after a hard day of work or just adoring one another as they did upon first meeting, they’re always a breath of fresh air.

They faced each of their obstacles head on, but most importantly they were always honest with one another. It was easy to talk to each other. It was easy to be one. What always stood out above all other things was how insistent Devon was about telling Ellie the truth all the time. He never once wanted to be a part of the spy life because it meant lying to Ellie and that would physically and emotionally affect him. If that’s not how a partner is, then they’re wrong. Every single relationship should be based on trust and honesty — the steadfast devotion to always be truthful. The fact that they always wanted to be honest with one another is what always fortified their relationship gorgeously.

Society and thereby, often times television, have a tendency to categorize good-looking jocks as either jerks or idiots and their pretty girlfriends tend to be ditzy or obnoxious. However, what Chuck’s done remarkably is taken such figures and written them as the exact opposites. Debunking the conception that jocks and or pretty girls can’t be doctors and or genuinely kind people. Devon valued his appearance and took great care of his body, but at no point was he depicted as anything but a kind and loyal man. Ellie was beautiful in every sense of the word, but what was often highlighted about her character was her mind. And it’s such a relief to see a different take on such a duo. It made their relationship so entertaining. Stability often times bores viewers, which is astounding to me because not every relationship goes through numerous breakups and outbursts, but nonetheless, Ellie and Devon were always a delight on screen. Sometimes, the most dramatic things that happen are threatening illnesses outside of hope that allow them to take care of one another. It’s facing exhaustion together, arguing over appliances, and taking part in Operation Bartowski. Sometimes, it’s sweet little moments such as not being able to decide on a baby name until the wife brings up something ridiculous like Grunka. Sometimes, it’s one ruined big wedding that leads to a beautifully intimate one on the beach surrounded by the closest people. Life is made up of all sorts of events, but their love was an exquisite depiction of the fact that when you’re married to your best friend, every moment is worthwhile.

Devon was always awesome, but what made him so was having such an awesome woman by his side. Ellie is his world. He loved and understood her in ways no one else did, and he appreciated each and every little detail of her soul beautifully. He complimented her so often by the third time viewers had already lost track. And Ellie looked to him as the ultimate hero. She saw him as the man who’d do anything for his family, and it’s exactly the kind she deserved after growing up in a divided home full of secrets. There are no secrets between this awesome family — there’s only unwavering love and equality. A dedication to create a safe and healthy environment where baby Clara can grow up knowing she’s loved every moment of her life.

My one wish for the duo is the opportunity to have gotten to hear their wedding vows. Something tells me they would’ve been hysterically and beautifully awesome.

They were able to not only add on to the exceptional comedic relief in the series, but they give viewers an inside look into a simple, wonderful kind of love that only grows by the day. It’s the simple things in life that are often overlooked, and if there’s one thing we can take from this lovely duo it’s that true partnership is all that matters. A dedication to perpetually be loyal and adoring. At the end of the day, if the one you love is your partner in everything, there’s not a dull moment in life. Ellie and Awesome can have so much fun together, but they can also unwind and confide in each other about whatever’s necessary. Whether they’re sitting at home watching TV, working, exercising, or pretending to be spies, as long as they’re together, everything’s great. It’s all about making the other happy in any way they can and that kind of love is always the most beautiful.

And lastly for more feels, I would like to guide you all to a wonderful little YouTube video I found earlier which gorgeously showcases the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. AwesomeKudos to the maker.


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