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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actress

November 1-7
The Bear and the Bow” | Once Upon A Time
Amy Manson

Once Upon A Time does the most exquisite job reimagining Disney’s wonderful characters, but they wouldn’t be as marvelous if the actors/actresses reprising the roles didn’t give their all. Amy Manson has been an absolute delight as Merida, but it wasn’t until “The Bear and the Bow” where we finally got to see her really embody the brave and layered red head.

As we mentioned in our full episode review —

“There were numerous times throughout the episode where Manson’s performances gave us chills. “If you remember what you’re fighting for, you will never miss your target.” Manson brought this message to life brilliantly — throughout all her scenes you could feel every ounce of emotion she felt. You knew very well she was driven by her love for her brothers and when she learned about their position, Manson wore anguish in her eyes remarkably. What’s most incredible about her as an actress is how expressive she is with her facial features — we’re always covered in goose bumps because of how well she projects innermost feelings onto the surface.

It’s about time we get to know Merida completely, and it was wonderful to see Manson deliver a wide range of emotions, for it’s what makes the audience understand so much of her character. We watched her go from determined to heartbroken, afraid, and full of self doubt thereby, when we later watched her be brave in the midst of everything she faced, the unparalleled elation as she reunited with her brothers followed by the gratitude we saw her wear in the end, layered her beautifully. An inspiring woman who is strong because she’s fought even when she’s felt weak.”

Manson delivers Merida’s scenes with the right amount of emotions and sincerity each time she’s on screen. And in “The Bear and the Bow” we were finally given the opportunity to see her channel a wide range of emotions making every feeling of the character’s appear raw and believable.

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