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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 24-31
Halloween IIIBrooklyn Nine Nine

There were plenty of great moments on television this week, and some of the best performances we’ve gotten in a while. Sometimes when TV is too sad, no matter how real and amazing the moments are, they’re difficult to write about. Thankfully, Brooklyn Nine Nine’s third Halloween episode was the happiest and best.

This year, Captain Holt and Jake decide that by midnight, whoever manages to steal the crown will be king of the precinct. They then each choose team members to help them excluding Amy because neither are sure she’d be loyal to them. While at first, I was pretty upset Jake wouldn’t choose his girlfriend for the sake of winning something, I had a feeling something great was bound to come out of it. And it did. Amy Santiago proved to both of them that she’s in fact Queen. In the midst of competition, things tend to get tricky, but what Amy’s done is proven that at the end of the day, a person should never be judged as anything other than an individual. “I’m my own person. Capable of making my own decisions, and I decided to humiliate you both.” Is anyone else ridiculously thrilled by the fact that she took their unkindness towards her and taught them a lesson!? Brooklyn Nine Nine does such a beautiful job of treating its female characters like equals, and this was one of those extraordinary moments that’ll be treasured for a very long time. It’s also worth mentioning that while Amy was telling them about how she did everything, Rosa was lighting up with pride. She doesn’t smile often, so when she does, you know it’s huge — ladies supporting ladies is always remarkable to watch.

Overall the episode was one entertainment after another and without a doubt another great Halloween one. Whether it was Amy standing up for herself, Gina’s “if I die, turn my tweets into book” or even Merrin Dungey returning to reprise her role as Sharon Jeffords, the entire episode was yet another excellent one.

What was your favorite TV moment this week!?

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