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Scandal 5×06 “Get Out of Jail, Free” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia gets a get out of jail free card, but this one carries the biggest cost of all.

Episode Summary: This week’s episode was all about how to escape things that don’t let us move on. Past secrets, ex lovers, you get the point.

Review | Analysis: Last week we saw the forming of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and now we are continuing with that but picking up at the hearings section.

They sacrificed Mellie to show they are not messing around. Yes Fitz can be protected, but Liv’s only option at this point was two rings on the her left finger and a spousal privilege. Fitz goes on and says that he called this meeting for their wedding. However, Liv doesn’t want a get out of jail free card and she doesn’t want to be forced to live her life at the White House. Y’all remember that house she always dreamed about living in with Fitz? *insert side eye emoji face*

She either has to perjure herself and end up in jail or get married and end up at the White House.

Papa Pope is in talks with Jake’s wife, and she is trying to get him out of prison. What is up with this man? Why is he always trying to find his way out of everything? Jake ends up finding out, but later on we find out she’s just trying to kill Papa Pope. Huh?

On the otherside, Fitz tries to propose again. This time there are roses and he gets down on one knee. He does end up guilt tripping Liv though again. He asks her for a five-year plan for their relationship. What the…?

Second get out of jail free card queue. Papa Pope is willing to reveal all secrets if he is released from jail. Go figure.

Liv ends up taking off the promise ring, and putting on that engagement ring! Fitz gets a divorce, but right before the “I dos” are said, Mellie changes her mind. Papa Pope is a free man, and manilla folders are handed to every Committee member with their dirty little secrets. The investigation is called off. Fitz and Liv can live their true happy ever after life now.

Pope’s plan doesn’t just keep out his daughter from jail, but Mellie too! She wants a favor of him though, to become President of the United States of America.

Until next week, Gladiators…let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode below!


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