Chicago P.D. 3×05 “Climbing Into Bed” | 3×06 “You Never Know Who’s Who” Recap

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Episode Summary: Ruzek accidentally gets involved in a wrong case, and because he forgot to run it by Voight, it threatens his place in Intelligence. Olinsky gets the test results. Erin and Jay take their relationship to the next level. Roman, Platt, and the entire team make Andrew’s last few days the best he’s ever had.

Review | Analysis: To be quite honest, I’m not sure how I feel about this week’s episodes — particularly the cases. While they normally always grip me, I found myself unable to focus on the story that was being told. Additionally, while I was moved to tears by the story of Roman, Andrew, and the unit, it’s not something I can discuss. I wish I could talk about how beautiful it was, but I’ll cry through this entire review and while it’s okay to write through happy tears, sad ones like this aren’t easy. My heart hurts so bad when children lose their battle with cancer, there’s no way I could possibly write about it. Perhaps realizing the series will be killing him off is what made the episode so difficult to watch let alone write about. I hope you all understand. That said, this review will focus on dynamics and individual character storylines.

It’s frustrating that Olinsky threw away the results without even looking at them. I understand that the purpose of the scene was to showcase it no longer matters to him, and he’s choosing to go by faith especially since he was just shot, but it felt unnecessary. A part of me still feels that Michelle’s involvement in the series will somehow come in during a huge case, but I could also be wrong.

Trudy Platt is one of the greatest characters on TV right now — I cannot stress it enough, but I laugh so often when she’s on screen. And when she gets serious? Scenes are always so poignantly inspiring, it’s always gorgeous to watch. Amy Morton is so brilliantly expressive and I loved watching the meticulous shift in her character when she learned about Roman’s heroic choice to donate bone marrow. After all, little things make a man a hero too. It was interesting to watch her realize that he’s not just a smug loudmouth who’s often really good at speaking when he shouldn’t. She was so proud of him, and it was a great moment of development for the two of them. Not to mention just how much she chose to help as well when it came to making Andrew’s last day a memorable one.

It was great to get a few profound moments with Platt but what I love most is the balance between heart and humor when it comes to her character — there’s always the right amount. I’m still laughing over the “Kim you and I are practically sisters! We can talk about anything.” Classic. She’s such a remarkable character. That said I love that even though she turned it into an awkward sex talk to make Kim uncomfortable, in the end, she chose to help Kim by defending Adam to Crowley. She may not say it often, but I love how deeply she cares for each of the members in her district. It’s refreshing and incredibly touching.

Speaking of Kim and Adam, it’s not fun to watch their scenes knowing the series will probably split them apart for the sake of “drama”. It’s a cop show, we have enough drama. I wish the series would take a piece from Parks and RecOnce Upon A Time, or even One Tree Hill on how to keep more than one couple together with the right amount of real issues in order to keep things interesting. You don’t need to split couples up and bring them back together every so often for the sake of drama. Especially since they’re engaged — they’ve already made the choice to be together forever, it’d be ridiculous. If they were simply dating and Adam didn’t have three engagements in his past, this would be a different story. Since it’s not, here’s to hoping the split is somehow still in character and fits in a way that makes it okay.

One of my favorite things about Adam and Kim as a couple is how lovely scenes of casual intimacy are — especially when it comes to comfort each other. It was sweet to watch them actually work together since that’s not an opportunity they get often, but what was most incredible is the fact that Adam made it clear his job doesn’t matter because, at the end of the day, he wants to marry Kim. She’s the best thing in his life. And that’s the thing with this ridiculous push test, as I said last week, just because he’s okay with delaying it, it doesn’t mean he loves her any less. The fact that he proposed is enough to showcase he wants her. Adam has a way of always making Kim blush, and it’s the sweetest thing to watch when you actually realize it.

What I actually really appreciated about this episode is the fact that it gave Patrick Flueger plenty of opportunities to really showcase some authentic emotions. He gave the audience plenty of chances to see that Ruzek’s sincerely worried about his job. He’s truly apologetic over what’s happened. And even when he got his job, he showcased his gratitude wonderfully. Flueger delivered it all with the right amount of emotions making it even easier for the audience to empathize with his character.

Truthfully, I’m a little disappointed with the route Erin and Jay took in getting back together, but ultimately it’s fitting for them. What upsets me isn’t the fact that they jumped straight back into where they had left off, but the fact that I could’ve used just a little more build-up. Nonetheless, their scenes were fantastic, and the future’s looking bright. What I would love to see with the two of them is more casual intimacy. (Ssh, it’s my favorite). And I’m incredibly excited to actually see how they’ll be around one another now that there’s no use in hiding their relationship.

It was nice to see their flirtatious banter back in the break room with some really well-written, amusing dialogue.

“Do you have a couch guy?”
“I don’t know what that means.”

Followed by

“You know we could always give one a test drive”
“Test out the … function.”
“I hope we’re talking about the same thing.”

One of the primary reasons they are so great together is because of how well they understand each other — when it comes to their partnership, their sincere devotion to one another in every sense of the word makes it easy to essentially be one. And thereby, making it effortless to dive into a relationship because there’s already so much dedication to one another deep within. What’s interesting is that even though they’ve never discussed the depths of their feelings, to the viewers, it’s always been evident Jay and Erin are kindred spirits. I loved that Erin is the one who kissed him first, thanking him for never giving up on her. It felt fitting because it’s always been clear that Jay respects Erin’s agency more than anything — each time it’s come to their relationship, he’s waited until she was ready. He’s waited until she’s made the choice to let him in, knowing well that he was always ready because his feelings have been laid bare from the start. And it was sweet of him to kiss her back just because it’s what he wanted to do. The adorable truth is, sometimes two people just need each other. It’s easy to fall into an intimate state because it’s how they show their admiration. It’s how they come undone. It’s how they find comfort and strength in one another. Jesse Lee Soffer and Sophia Bush do a marvelous job of communicating with very little dialogue thereby, oftentimes, longing glances and quiet moments speak unbelievably loud when it comes to this duo. It’s what makes scenes with Erin and Jay so profound. Bush and Soffer do a remarkable job of making the audience feel just how much their characters care for one another whether it’s through their expressions or the tone changes in their voice, they deliver their scenes with ample sincerity

However, my favorite part in all of their scenes this week was their moment at Molly’s. Their banter is always entertaining (“once a day? once a week?”), but I can’t stress it enough — it’s so significant and admirable that Jay leaves it all in Erin’s hands. He mentions that Voight doesn’t care and asks why they’re dancing around the truth to which her response “do you want to hold my hand in public now” gives him the green light. And when Jay gets up for his grand public gesture to kiss her instead, it was a ridiculously sweet way of showing everyone at Molly’s that he’s proud to call her his. I’m not a fan of PDA: never was, and never will be. As Captain America would agree, they make people very uncomfortable, but there are some cases where it’s just right. And this was one of those rare moments where I felt it was done tastefully. Jay has always adored Erin so ardently — it’s been evident from the start, and this is their one day. There’s nothing I love more than gorgeous parallels and this moment mirrored their scene in 1×06 beautifully. Only this time, when they walked out together with Jay’s arm around Erin as she held his hand, they walked out as more than just partners on the field. That’s the thing with Jay and Erin that’s so exquisite — the unwavering faith in one another and the promise to have each other’s back extends further than their partnership as detectives, and friends. It’s about time they embrace the profound understanding and feelings they share, for it’s what allows them to be so open with one another. The promise of backup heavily contributes to fortifying the versatility to be their real selves: strong, vulnerable, flawed, messy, wise, careless, etc. And that’s what this moment substantiates: the choice to finally give it all they have. The choice to really explore what’s within them — to give their all to another being. It’s different this time: their hearts are more open, and they’re sharing their lives with each other in a way that’s bound to only make them better. When adoration is as real as this, it always plays the most excellent role in inspiring someone to be the best can be. I’m really looking forward to seeing this relationship grow in upcoming episodes as we’re guaranteed to get some great, raw moments.

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  1. I absolutely love your reviews! Everything you said about Adam and Kim, and Patrick Flueger, 100% agree!

  2. I absolutely love this review, again 100% agree with everything you have said! Especially with the whole Erin and Jay relationship! What I love most is that Jay has always let Erin make the first move, (in my opinion) the first time they got together she came to his and she made it clear that he was what she wanted and again, this time. I loved the whole scene in Molly’s. I especially loved the bit where we see Will’s face when Jay kisses Erin. Will was such a proud brother! I love Jesse Lee Soffer and Nick Gelfuss together in scenes, they seem to work together so well.

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