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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 18-24
“The Broken Kingdom” Once Upon A Time

The runner ups for this week are without a doubt the Dirty Dancing homage on Dancing With the Stars and Captain Holt’s return to the 99th Precinct, but as there’s nothing that tugs on our heartstrings more than a great moment of romance, Once Upon A Time takes the crown once again.

What is love if not the gift of a person who’ll not only share your burdens with you, but through steadfast faith, fight away the darkness that’s within. And what’s more exquisite than Once Upon A Time‘s ability to always remind viewers of the magic that’s in our hearts? As if the visual representation of Killian and Emma’s love wasn’t presented beautifully with their heartfelt kiss, the cinematography and score told an even profounder tale.

Killian gives Emma a pink rose and they’re later encompassed by a field of pink middle mist flowers — as we’d said in our full episode review:

through patience and understanding, he was able to bring her mind, body, and soul to ease. And though they were embraced by a field of pink flowers as they kissed, it’s the place of comfort they went to within that’s made the moment that much more immaculate. Aesthetically, it’s a gorgeous representation of what unwavering adoration truly is — “love, gentleness, admiration, and gratitude” |x|.

In another captivating sense, the cinematography allows viewers to see that the two are finally at a place of absolute consolation — even if for a moment. Throughout the episode while there was some light, Emma was still in a dark place thereby her surroundings appeared confined (bedroom, barn), but it isn’t until they began riding off on the horse where the sky showed itself, sunlight shined brightly, and the field of flowers represented everything that’s pure in the world. Stephen Jackson’s work is always worthy of acclaim as it’s what makes the series so enchantingly captivating.

Killian and Emma’s kiss was the pristine reminder of the fact that true love heals. Even for a moment, love has the ability to make a person feel as though they’re engulfed by light, wonder, and beauty. A feeling that authenticates the fact that though darkness may come for a night, light will be there to chase away the nightmares in the morning. In this case, Killian is Emma’s light, just as he’s her person, and the anchor who’ll always ground her heart back home.

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  1. I loved your article, I couldn’t agree more with you Killian and Emma are so sweet and perfect for each other they have had some beautifully romantic scenes since that beanstalk and these were some of the best. Can’t wait for more Captain Swan moments.

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