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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actor

October 11 – 17
Siege Perilous” | Once Upon A Time
Josh Dallas

Anytime Josh Dallas is given the opportunity to shine as Prince Charming he goes above and beyond revealing the depths of the character in the most subtly brilliant ways. He doesn’t just play the role, but he embodies Charming beautifully thereby, making all of his scenes incredibly pleasant to watch. As we stated in our full episode review

“The past few episodes hadn’t exactly shown us the depth of devastation Charming and Snow are feeling due to Emma being the Dark Swan, thus the scene we got with them did a great job of reminding us why they’re our favorites. It doesn’t matter how old a daughter gets because to her father, she’ll always be his little girl. And for Charming especially, while he knows Emma’s done well on her own, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s sworn to protect her until his final breath. He’s blaming this entire situation on himself because he feels he could’ve prevented Emma from making the sacrificial choice. It’s always stunning to see the beautiful partnership between Snow and Charming for in the midst of adversaries, when one of them is weak, the other is always strong. Together, they’ve taken back kingdoms and saved lives all while being incandescently in love with one another and understanding just how to inspire each other.

Josh Dallas delivered Charming’s breakdown impeccably — you were able to feel the raw torment that’s a constant in his life when he’s unable to help his family. This moment was the most lamentable one yet because it’s the first time we see him completely fall apart. It’s the first time we’ve seen him this emotionally and spiritually paralyzed. Jane Espenson always does such a prestigious job with word choices that leave us floored, and there could not have been a more accurate depiction of Charming’s state. Charming’s a fighter who’s been in the worst possible situations, but there’s absolutely nothing the man fears more than losing his children as he’s done in the past. However, even during those times, he was able to remain collected and resilient for Snow — he was able to present himself as the one who’ll calmly take care of everything. Goodwin complimented Dallas’ poignant expressiveness and physicality wonderfully with a tender potency that served as a perfect reminder of why they’re such excellent scene partners. With their gorgeous theme music playing in the background we were able to feel so much of what they were making this one of the strongest scenes between the two of them.

It’s always lovely how Once Upon A Time reminds us that even the strongest fall and that’s entirely okay. And the truth behind all this is that each person is equipped with the strength they need to move forward, but as human beings, everyone could use the reminder of how important they are. Charming’s a man who’s constantly giving and it was beautiful to see his wife remind of him of why he’s the hero. It reminded us of the conversation Charming had with Emma in “White Out” (4×02) while she was upset because Henry wouldn’t talk to her. It’s in this moment where he feels the same exact frustration and his wife reminds him of the fact that everything’s going to be okay. He will always and forever be her hero. And at the end of the day, he’s been a hero in Emma’s life as well — the tranquil talks he’s had with her reminding her to enjoy the little moments have undoubtedly inspired her. It’s heartbreaking that this situation has torn him apart so badly, he’s lost all sight of the fact that he’s a human and his dedication and desire to help is currently enough.

Amongst choices and fighting for those we care for, another running theme throughout the episode is that sometimes the will alone is temporarily enough. Charming and Snow would do anything and everything to protect their children and we can be certain that the fight for Emma’s goodness will only be intensified from here on out.”

Dallas wasn’t just great at selling frustration and heartbreak, but he did a fantastic job of showcasing the elation Charming feels on adventures. As viewers, it’s easy to understand just how much being useful means to him. You can see the absolute thrill heroism has on him, the desire to do good, and the need to be helpful. We may say it often, but Josh Dallas has set the bar for Prince Charming pretty high with the full range of emotions and pure understanding of the character. 

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