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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actress

October 11 – 17
Flash of Two Worlds” | The Flash
Shantel VanSanten 

An actress’ gifts are often measured by whether or not you can see them in one role and be able to tell they’re a completely different person in another. Shantel VanSanten has always been a delight in whatever role she’s played, but being extra familiar with her more serious roles, it’s lovely to watch her embody Patty Spivot in a whole new light.

In her debut episode alone VanSanten brought the character to life wonderfully with a lively spirit that effortlessly makes her lovable. Without prior knowledge of the partnership established in the comics with Barry Allen, viewers could easily tell Patty’s one of the good guys. VanSanten does a fantastic job of embodying the character with an elated and unique tone of voice plus a gaze in her eyes that screams innocence. I’ve actually managed to forget that at some point, she’s played one of my all time favorite TV characters — Quinn James and I’d say that’s a success. An actress needs to be able to sell a character without reminders of their past roles interfering. VanSanten later reveals that Patty’s not just an exuberantly kind nerd wanting to do good, but her life’s been altered drastically by metahumans. And in her breakdown with Joe, the scene is delivered with the right amount of emotions weaving heartbreak, uncertainties, dedication, and a slight hint of fear perfectly.

Patty Spivot is going to be an absolute delight on our TV screens and I certainly hope VanSanten’s sticking around. If this is what she brings to her first episode, I can’t wait to see what else is in store.


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