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Scandal 5×04 “Dog-Whistle Politics” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Olivia deals with the nasty press, Fitz makes a drastic move that leaves Mellie ready for revenge.

Episode Summary: We learn quite a bit about our ever-so-handsome Jake, a new Gladiator steps up, Fitz makes another decision that leaves everything on the line and Mellie goes to extremes.

Review | Analysis: Whatever this Lazarus One is all about, it is something important. Jake should’ve known better than to think Rowan wasn’t going to spill the beans on it. Jake was thinking that either Rowan had someone on the outside making sure everything was smooth sailing or that Rowan himself was still pulling the strings. Regardless of that, Rowan still managed to “get mad” at Olivia.

Even though he was in jail. he’s still clearly in charge. Quinn met up with Marcus and this brought us all the way back to the very first episode of Scandal ever. Quinn walked in with so much swag just like how Harrison used to and offered Marc a job.

Meanwhile, Fitz was furious that Olivia was getting hounded and he wanted to find someone to blame, so he blamed Abby. He even went a step up and fired her! This lead to Fitz and Liv fighting about Abby and how she wanted him to hire her back.

So Jake and Charlie do some digging on this Lazarus One and meet some girl in Paris. Turns out, that Jake knew this girl because JAKE WAS MARRIED TO HER! He was working his sweet charm on to Elise, however it didn’t last very long because when him and Charlie were trying to figure out what was going on with those paintings, someone came and shot Elise! But this girl is no ordinary chick, she ended up killing the guy. You go girl! And obviously, Jake asks her to come back with him to the states. Ha, go figure..

Quinn and Huck found Marcus at OPA. Now he wanted the job! it wasn’t about the money, but more about Olivia. I guess she had helped him in the past, now he wants to return the favor. He wanted to get the press off her back, but Huck told him that wasn’t his choice and that didn’t sit well with him.

Cy’s very annoyed with Mellie because she didn’t take the opportunity when she had it, to impeach Fitz. I feel like it’s because she didn’t quite understand as to why Cy wanted to have her do that and of course Cyrus went off on her and said, “I loved him as my son, my child and my soul.” Queue in Fitz. Cyrus goes a bit too far and brings up Jerry and this causes him to lose his job yet again.

Marcus does exactly what he is not supposed to and goes after the press. He defends Olivia and we see him somehow evolve into a Harrison 2.0 if you will.

Fitz was done messing around. He wanted to the right thing for himself and Liv. What a shocker! He goes to her building and says that he’s taking out his GIRLFRIEND on a date. He begins to make out with her in the elevator with the Secret Service men standing right by them. Fitz even escorts her outside and everyone who is anyone tries to get in between them but he tells them to shove it. This is why we have a love/hate relationship with this man!

Mellie finally comes to her senses and realizes she’s not a fan of Fitz anymore so she sets up a meeting with the ladies of the Senate to try and impeach Fitz!

Do you think she’s really going to impeach him? Let us know below! Until next week, Gladiators…


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