Chicago P.D. 3×03 “Actual Physical Violence” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

This week’s episode was once again a heavy one, but it showcased team work wonderfully.

Episode Summary: It’s a crazy, busy day at the police department and when a frazzled man looking for his daughter can’t get Platt’s attention, he holds Mouse at gunpoint. One of their own in a dangerous situation quickly gets everyone’s attentions and their hunt towards finding the girls works out gloriously as each of them were alive despite being missing for a very long time. And with James Beckett out of prison, Voight’s life is threatened.

Review | Analysis: It was amusing to get another episode focused on parents and their children. And thankfully there were no deaths in this one although the trauma the girls faced made the episode heavy enough. It’s always best when we get backstory on characters no matter if they’re secondary; writers for the series are so great at providing riveting stories. “Actual Physical Violence” was essentially a fantastic set up for what’s to come in the next few weeks for it gave us lots of material to look forward to.

Jeff Frazier’s choice to hold Mouse hostage wasn’t exactly the wisest choice, but it was great to watch Mouse in an environment away from a computer. The episode gave Samuel Hunt ample opportunities to show off his gifts as an actor, and he delivered wonderfully with a sincerity and vulnerability we’ve yet to see in him. And it was interesting to see his ties with Jay go back to their time as Rangers. Frazier’s choice wasn’t at all honorable, but it was understandable. A father would do anything for their daughter especially if their life is jeopardy and no one’s listening. If he had pulled the trigger that would’ve been a different story but in this case, it was interesting to watch him find trust in Mouse. Sometimes even during the most catastrophic moments, humanity isn’t entirely dead, and we saw that with Frazier’s choice to listen to Mouse. It was mostly great to see that forgiveness and understanding is something that fuels Mouse just as much as it does with the majority of characters. He didn’t have to take the bullets out of the gun, but he understood that this is a father putting his daughter above all things. This is a father owning up to the promise he’d once made to protect his little girl. And Mouse’s choice to open up gave Frazier the chance to see that he can be trusted — it gave him the chance to see that choosing Hank Voight’s district was the best decision he’d made today.

On top of his vocal display of strength, we were given the opportunity to see the skills acquired back at the military showcasing that there’s much more to Mouse than brains. I’m all for great bromances and the series has often done an incredible job with strong moments. Mouse and Jay talking about a particular event in their past then toasting to extenuating circumstances exhibited so much of their characters. They’re both amazingly empathetic and it gives viewers the opportunity to understand why they’re in this line of work in the first place. It was a much needed moment of relief for the two of them and I’m glad the audience was given the opportunity to see it.

As of late, we’re too assume a lot more happens behind our screens, and while to an extent it’s understandable, it can get a bit frustrating. And I don’t often make predictions or theorize prior to watching an episode thereby; it makes it much easier to watch the series objectively. However, if there’s one thing I’m hoping for it’s that Will’s conversation with Lindsay at the hospital follows the rules of Chekhov’s gun. Don’t let us in on what’s undoubtedly a significant part of Jay’s past if we won’t learn about its details in the following episodes. And since Will made the specific choice to tell Lindsay, she must be the one to confront Jay on the matter because it’s not just something that’ll strengthen their partnership, but in the long run, if they take their relationship to the next level, this a part of him she needs to know. This is a part of him Will evidently feels she can be trusted with.

Speaking of Lindsay, I’m so proud of her for going back to Dr. Daniel Charles. She needs the professional support on everything she’s been through. While it doesn’t appear her drug use this time around was as heavy as before, she may still have the occasional withdrawals even if they’re not too bad that she needs to give in. It was great to watch her stand up to Bunny the way she did and it was even better that she admitted to Dr. Charles that sometimes you can choose your own family. It was an excellent way to showcase just how much Voight means to her. After a case like this one where father and daughter could’ve been separated for good had things not turned out the way it did, it’s only fitting that it opens her eyes to seek someone’s help. Lindsay’s a tough woman, but even the strongest fall and it’s always admirable when they seek help at the right time.

As much as scenes with rape and assault victims are difficult to watch, Sophia Bush always does an exceptional job delivering sincerity and true heartache. It’s repeatedly during scenes like this where we’re reminded of why Lindsay became an officer in the first place. She wants to save lives and she empathizes with people so well that she makes it easier for them to feel safe with her. It also felt appropriate for her to talk Sarah Frazier out of taking her own life because she knows very well at the moment how hard it is to be in a dark and traumatic place. She also knows what it’s like to be a fighter and sometimes fighters need people to fight for them. They need people to believe in them and remind them of how far they’ve come.

It was beautiful to see how well Sarah’s father’s presence inspired her. Parents and children have incomparable bonds and I can’t even begin to express how much I appreciate the series for showcasing this. It’s not always love interests, sometimes it’s families, and sometimes it’s friends. At the end of the day, the people closest to us always have a way of getting through to us and it was pleasant to see a scene like this.

On the topic of fathers and daughters, it broke my heart to see Olinsky’s wife react to the news about Michelle the way she did. While it’s completely understandable and the spur of the moment betrayal is definitely doing the talking for her, I hope she gives him the opportunity to explain. A lot can happen undercover and this isn’t a secret Olinsky’s kept for years. He recently learned the truth about it as well, thus still proving that he’s loyal to his family and wants no secrets between them. At any rate, I’m hoping Lexi understands just how much she means to her dad and that when he says he can’t lose her, he means it with every fiber of his being. He would do anything for his family and especially, his children.

I wasn’t exactly sure what the point of Michelle’s scene at the boxing club with Antonio was, but ultimately I’m fine with anything that gives the man more screen time. If it isn’t already obvious, he’s one of my favorite characters on the series. That said, it was a nice lighthearted scene that revealed how much Antonio actually loves helping people –extending the episode’s theme out further to platform that these group of individuals care so deeply for mankind.

It was nice to see Justin back and it was even sweeter to see Voight’s happiness as he was about to take his little family out to dinner. It’s often these little moments that remind us that behind the tough exterior, he’s actually an extremely heartfelt man. And in an episode where his violent tactics were once again shown towards criminals, it’s nice to see him unwind with the softness Jason Beghe does an astounding job of portraying.

It’s always fun to watch someone preach Christianity and change only to turn around and bomb a man’s car. Not. I cannot wait to see Jason Beckett back in prison and while we’re at it, we can find someway to throw Bunny in there as well because all she does is bring trouble.

Overall, it was great to see dynamics switched this week. It was nice to see Burgess and Lindsay work together. It was nice to get Intelligence and Patrol together. What are your thoughts on this week’s episode? What are you looking forward to seeing next week?

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