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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actress

October 3 – 10
“How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?” | Nashville
Clare Bowen

I’m completely dumbfounded by the exceptional performances by female actresses making this week and imaginably coming weeks difficult to choose. Whether it was Priyanka Chopra’s incredible performance on Quantico or Jennifer Morrison’s work as the dark swan on Once Upon A Time, TV’s filled with talented ladies.

However, Clare Bowen once again left me in tears through an impeccably raw performance that’s almost too difficult to write about. There were so many opportunities where she could’ve overdone this emotional turmoil, but it felt so raw. This moment was anything but easy for Scarlett, and though she thought she couldn’t do it alone, I’m so proud to have seen her conquered it. I’m so proud that she did it alone because letting go of everything was all on her and I’m really looking forward to where this takes her character. She forgave her mom. She loved her mom. And she was there until the very end revealing that everything she’s gone through has only made her stronger and better. However, before Beverly went, the greatest thing is that she was given the opportunity to make amends with her daughter. She was able to apologize and understand that she was wrong and Scarlett can now move on with full confidence that her mother loved her. Their relationship’s not something that needs to be looked back on angrily but rather lovingly, and at the end of the day, it’s what matters the most.

Bowen delivered each of Scarlett’s scenes in such a heavy episode with the right amount of expressiveness allowing the audience to really feel the whirlwind of emotions within her. It’s ultimately what’s making this so difficult to write, I almost wish her performances were bad so the scenes weren’t as evocative, but nope, ridiculously spot on and organic. All that crying must’ve hurt Bowen’s eyes. Point being, Nashville’s full of gifted stars and though the season’s been dramatically heartbreaking, we’re thrilled the series is giving Bowen ample opportunities to showcase how truly gifted she is.

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