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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance by an Actor

October 3 – 10
“How Can I Help You Say Goodbye?” | Nashville
Charles Esten

It’s been another week filled with excellent performances making our choice very difficult.

Unsurprisingly though, Charles Esten once again takes the crown for an organically heartbreaking performance that is almost too difficult to write about. Much like Bowen’s performances, Esten’s were close to unbearable — the full range of emotions that were conveyed actualized the true heartaches of death. If you don’t know what it’s like to lose someone, these performances would’ve still managed to make you cry. That final breakdown in the bedroom was incredibly distressing. This wasn’t your typical crying scene — Esten sold that breakdown to the tee. I am astonished. I knew the man was gifted but tonight’s episode was on a whole new level of amazing. Esten and Bowen were phenomenal scene partners this week, truly selling the whirlwind of emotions within them impeccably. This will have Deacon spiraling in so many directions, I can’t even imagine where it’ll lead him.

It’s no surprise that the two are our choices this week, you could come into Nashville not even knowing what’s happening, and these scenes would’ve broken your heart anyway.

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