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Scandal 5×03 “Paris Is Burning” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The White House is trying to figure out a way to deal with Olivias confession.

Episode Summary: It’s all about Mellie in this week’s episode and how the team is trying to help her sort the mess of her and Fitz out.

Review | Analysis: Mellie and Fitz are sitting down for their big interview to disregard all the Olivia rumors that she has just confirmed to everyone that she is in fact the president’s mistress.

Abby storms in and tries to get Fitz out of the room but as she’s doing that, one of the reporters gets some good shots of the couple lying about the situation. It’s possible they may use it for blackmail, but we’re not sure at this point. The couple is watching Liv give her statement to the press on TV and Mellie is just horrified. However, Fitz is just so giddy with joy.

Meanwhile, Abby is trying to convince Mellie that there is a way to spin this. They’ve grown apart since Gerry’s death, it’s amicable, yada, yada yada, but she’s not having it. Mellie calls Cyrus, who is thrilled to come back to the White House. She tells him that she wants to destroy Olivia Pope and to have her suffer like she has.

She soon remembers what her true desire is. “I want the Oval.” Mellie and Fitz negotiate with Cy and Abby in between. If they reach an agreement, Mellie will do the interview with Fitz and the reporter that they have bailed on before, or else the footage of them lying will air.

The terms go a bit like this: Mellie gets the house, the kids, Fitz’s full support for her pres run, Liv and Fitz can’t get married, can’t be seen together, Liv can’t ever take Grant as her last name and if that wasn’t already enough,  half a million dollars per annum to be used at her discretion.

That’s some pretty lofty terms if you ask me, but I guess that’s what happens when your hubby gets caught cheating!

Liv and Mellie end up together and Mellie lays down how it’s going to be from now on. We can tell Liv is silently starting to cry as she is realizing what she is giving up for this man. Also, she is in not so good terms with Abby since her lies made Abby look like a fool. She tells Fitz that they should cut their losses since Mellie is clearly not agreeing with their terms.

After Cy gives a very heartfelt speech, he ends up getting rejecting again so now he’s out for blood as he goes to Mellie’s office to let her know that she didn’t get what she wanted. Apparently Papa Pope is back! He’s still in prison, obviously, but Jake pays him a visit and it seems like they have come with some sort of plan about who might be behind the fire.
Who do you think could be behind the attack? Maybe Mama Pope? B613? Let us know below! Until next week, Gladiators…


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