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25 Love Stories 10/25
Wade Kinsella and Zoe Hart (Hart of Dixie)

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Whether in the world of television or real life, one question I always ask myself in regards to couples is, do they challenge each other? If we take a look at my list of favorites, this is an element that’s (almost) always present. And for a show as ridiculously cheesy as Hart of Dixie, a challenging duo is what gripped me instantly. George Tucker’s an amazing man, but good lord he and Zoe Hart would’ve been the most boring couple. Sometimes it’s not the person you have endless similarities with, it’s not the person you fawn over. Sometimes the man you least expect, is the one who rocks your world most beautifully. And sometimes, he’s right next door. Wade Kinsella and Zoe Hart rapidly climbed their way onto the top of my list and if I’m being perfectly honestly, as far as TV first times go, these knuckleheads win. (Yes, I totally just said that.) There’s so much to love about these two — their banter from day one was typical, but nonetheless intriguing. It was easy to understand right away that when the two of them got together, they’d help each other grow in all the best ways.

They showed one another what it truly means to have a home, but beyond that, they accepted one another as they were and fought through all the obstacles in their path to be together.

Connected. That’s exactly what happened between Zoe and Wade — somewhere in between intentionally pissing each other off and developing an awkward friendship, they connected on a much deeper level. It’s always clear there’s something more between them but during “The Big Day” we’re able to see that though their words say one thing, their hearts have something else in mind. It was supposed one night, but the build up to it is what changed everything — the time alone at a barn, patching up wounds, losing then finding the baby goat, and the interruptions that lit their ever-present curiosity on fire. The purpose this particular scene is mentioned is because the way it happens is fantastic. Zoe’s choice to use her new coffee maker Wade hates to blow up the generator is the perfect way to get his attention. And as all this happens while Wade’s getting ready, the instant change in his expression when he realizes she wants to give them a try is marvelous. Also, excellent choice to have Matt Nathanson’s “Run” featuring Sugarland playing in the background. And much like a lot of my favorite couples on this list, in the beginning they were casual, but as we’ve seen with sneaking around/casual relationships, eventually you just need the whole world to know. Wade and Zoe couldn’t be more different and it’s often what gets in the way of their relationship until the fourth season, but the sole fact that they choose to take a risk on each other is what’s most lovely. A city girl and a small town man sounds pretty glorious no matter how you put it (or maybe it’s just me?). At the end of the day, love knows nothing of age or social class but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s always tough in the beginning. If there’s one thing I cannot condone, it’s cheating, but if Wade hadn’t lost Zoe through such a terrible mistake, he would’ve never grown to be the man that he is. And if Zoe hadn’t been betrayed as she was, she would’ve never had the kind of faith in life as she does. She would’ve never seen just how much he’s truly grown. It’s always interesting because when we first meet Zoe, she lacks a lot of faith in true love, and it’s entirely understandable because she not only comes from a house with divorced parents, but she then learns the father she’s always believed was hers wasn’t in fact biological. And when you’re constantly compared to a golden boy best friend but you come from a less “superior” family, you’re prone to believe that second best is all you’ll ever get. When the world always believes you’ll be failure, eventually you begin to believe it as well. Because of these reasons, Zoe and Wade needed each other most — she needed to believe that real, true love and partnership could exist without a scientific explanation, and Wade needed a will to reach his highest potential. If the two had ended up with anyone else, their worlds just wouldn’t be magical. If there’s one thing science can never deconstruct, it’s love. Psychology can’t even fully do that. It is what it is and it’s the best part of all our lives — whether romantic or platonic, it’s what gives us unsurpassed strength, comfort, and faith.

By the time we reached the fourth season, they’d both proven how much they’d grown as people. Wade hated himself so badly that he drunkenly chose to mess up the greatest bond he’s ever had. And after he realized how stupid his choice was, he completely turned his life around with the motivation that it’ll prove to Zoe he can be a better man. He may not have won the bar he wanted, but through hard work, after purchasing the Rammer Jammer, he became greatly successful. He learned the vitality of earnestness and found the courage that’d help him deal with moments of absolute weakness. After realizing she’s her best self in Blue Bell, Alabama and seeing just how much Wade’s truly grown, Zoe learned the importance of contentment despite situations that cannot be controlled. She realized that there’s much more value in the little things, and it’s okay not have it all together.

It’s not easy being in a relationship where there aren’t many similarities, it’s scary at first, but at the end of the day, love is about finding beauty and inspiration through someone else’s eyes. Zoe didn’t always understand Wade’s world and he didn’t understand hers, but it’s what made their bond gorgeous. And the most important entity in their relationship is that they tried –he went all the way to New York to convince her that she was the love of his life while she stood in front of a crowd and confessed her feelings for him. Relationships are about compromise and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make one another happy. At the end of the day, Zoe didn’t have to like his band’s music, but she had to support him and love him through it all. He didn’t have to understand why New York was so great, but he had to respect her fascination with it. They both had to learn that it’s okay to be taken care of by someone else, it’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to be vulnerable. It didn’t matter whether they agreed on everything, it mattered that they were always willing to hear one another out. And that’s precisely what plays a massive role in the two of them becoming better — together they were selfless and brave.

Zoe’s pregnancy threw them both off because neither were sure of their status when it happened, but despite the fact that they were both terrified, together, they knew they’d have the courage to stand united for whatever they face. After all, a baby from a manufacturer you love is the best thing ever when you’ve always dreamt of having one, right? |x| Although neither are prepared to raise a baby, their love for one another is so strong that their dedication and willing to hear each other out will undoubtedly lead to excellent parenting. They taught each other that the unexpected things are the most beautiful. When Zoe was hesitant to put a label on their relationship through marriage, Wade backed off, but when she realized how much it meant to him, she understood that the title of husband and wife is truly what they’re fitted for. And then she wanted to marry him so bad, she couldn’t even wait until she was out of the delivery room to do it.

Upon first meeting one another neither of them would’ve ever guessed that they’d be head over heals in love someday challenging one another to be the best versions of themselves possible. And that’s what makes their story so amazing — even their fights were ridiculously entertaining (Zoe pouring cereal into shirt? LOL). It’s a shame the series ended so quickly because it would’ve riveting to watch them as parents. What mattered at the end of the day is that even though they both had fears, together they’d be able to conquer anything. Opposing opinions are always welcomed for what they’ve learned is how to be selfless and welcoming. They’ve learned that they’re not tied down by what the world thinks of them or the stories they hear, they’re in charge of their own destiny, and since they’ve fallen for one another, they blossom everyday.

I can’t possibly end this without talking about how much I love the little things: Wade randomly carrying Zoe, dancing with her, getting her cheese flavies, or the two of them getting on each other’s nerves for fun. Zoe’s choice to romantically propose to him after not wanting it in the beginning was so bold in showcasing just how much his love has changed her. She’d spend days playing video games with him if that’s what he wanted. He’d been told he was too much of a womanizer and could never settle down or really love someone. She’d been told she was too bossy and opinionated pushing men away is all she’s capable of. Despite all this, they found an eternal friendship with one another — Wade Kinsella and Zoe Hart learned that they’re better together than they are part. Through acceptance and adoration, they understand the profundity of true love.


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