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TV Tuesday

October 6, 2015

Dancing With The Stars
Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough

I brought back TV Tuesday from its Summer hiatus just in time to talk about the stunning performances during Dancing With The Stars’ “Most Memorable Year” theme. While each of the dances were wonderful (managing to make me cry more than once), it’s Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough’s contemporary piece that’s left me stunned. It’s always beautiful to see someone showcase their love for someone in a form of a dance, but what’s most astounding about this performance is how young Bindi Irwin is. We don’t give teenagers nearly enough credit for the strength they have within and it’s inspiring to see her positivity resonate so beautifully with audiences no matter the age range. Every time this darling girl is on screen, you can help but smile — the positivity and love she emanates is so inspiring. There’s so much strength in her and I love that her story allows others to feel that though they may be hurting, they can push through the pain and bring light into the world through kindness.

When you lose a parental figure you’re constantly compared to, there’s a constant desire within to make sure you’re doing their memory justice. There’s a need to be perfect, but sometimes, you’ve just got to let go and feel all the emotions within without thinking too much. Most of our readers don’t know this but I (@GissaneSophia) write because my dad did — ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to write music and books like him. And here we are years later with me writing reviews after majoring in English to honor him. I’ve never been more proud of myself than when I received my diploma. I couldn’t run home and tell him I did it, but I know deep down, he was there with me just as I got it. Those we love never leave us, they’re always guiding us towards the right path and Bruno Taglioni’s comment about the late Steve Irwin dancing with his daughter was everything. I was watching the performance with my mom and she kept saying “look at how gracefully she moves, like she’s a bird.” Moms are always right and I can’t help but agree 100% because this dance was perfection — almost as though because it was such a heartfelt tribute, she was bound to do an excellent job. When you do something for someone else, when you let go and let your love for them inspire you, magic happens. And that’s exactly what we saw with this dance — magic. Kudos to Hough because while he’s undoubtedly a remarkable professional, it felt more like he was a brother this round — the choreography was beautiful, but it was the way he emotionally carried her through the dance that warmed my heart the most. Their partnership in this moment was unlike anything we’d seen from the two before and it was inspiring in every way it could’ve been.

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