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This Week’s Most Noteworthy Performance | Actor

September 27-October 3
Life In Fluid” | Chicago P.D.
Jesse Lee Soffer

It’s been a riveting week of television and male stars have delivered some truly impeccable performances making this week’s choice close to impossible. Whether it was the wide range of emotions Colin O’Donoghue exhibited in “The Dark Swan”, Iain de Caestecker’s shattering and raw breakdown in “Laws of Nature”, or the men of Brooklyn Nine Nine flawlessly doing their thing — we’ve been exposed some serious talent.

However, it’s the subtly brilliant work Jesse Lee Soffer did with his expressions that have left me astonished all week. Soffer is no stranger when it comes to appearing on our list of noteworthy performances, but the work he’s been doing lately has been groundbreaking. As mentioned during the full episode review “Life In Fluid” required a great deal of wordless communication and Soffer delivered exceptionally. Jay Halstead is perhaps one of the bravest men on television, but not because he’s a detective, because he’s selflessly brave enough to open his heart for another being. Throughout the entire episode Jay dealt with a hurricane of emotions, but Soffer delivered each of them organically — there were numerous times where he could’ve overdone it but didn’t.

Life In Fluid” brought to life the depth of Jay and Erin’s feelings for one another, but the fact of the matter it is, the actors and their expressiveness did most of the work. Soffer made sure the audience could see the emptiness within Jay — the bewilderment and heartbreak that was instilled in him by Erin leaving. Soffer was able to convey gratitude, adoration, and relief without the use of any words allowing the audience to see how deeply he admires his partner. She made him a better cop and he’s so proud of the person she is that watching her turn into someone else broke him in ways nothing ever. It’s always nice to be aware of such emotions, but it’s most riveting to watch when the actor puts their entire heart into the delivery. I have a feeling I’ll be writing a lot more performance reviews for him this season.


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