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Scandal 5×01 “Heavy is the Head” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

The Royal Family is in town and theyve requested Olivias help.

Episode Summary: Olivia helps the Royal Family with the photos of their late Princess’ body being leaked around. Fitz is dealing with Mellie as Olivia tries to help him see the light that he owes her his support.

Review | Analysis: Gladiators, welcome back! Its understandable if youve forgotten some of the crazy events that happened in the Scandal season four finale.

To refresh your memory, the episode ended with Fitz and Olivia kissing, but before all that happened, a lot – like A LOT – of stuff happened. Fitz kicked Senator Mellie Grant out of the Pennsylvania house, along with his advisor Cyrus and Elizabeth North. Dont forget Huck murdered an entire room of people and Quinn found out about it and put a gun to his head. Oh and the biggest deal when Olivia and Jake turned Rowan to the CIA, but we all know that isnt going to last for long. No big deal though, right?!

Fitz and Olivia began the new season going at like they were rabbits, if you know what I mean. Haha. The Cinderella story being describe with Sally Langstons voiceover was the case of the week: Princess Emily and the royal family. Emily is killed in a car crash in 1997. The queen hires Liv to protect the dignity of the Princess.

First they need to get rid of all the photos of her dead body. Thats when she and Quinn run into a sort of a pickle with one of the photographers. They realize he isn’t a photographer, but actually an assassin who caused the crash. Uh what?!

They come to the conclusion that either the Evil Queenor the Evil Princehad killed her, since she was probably not happy with her prince and had been some sort of an adulteress according to Liv and Quinn.

However, the royal family is the least of Livs worries. She has to deal with Fitz and Mellie being continuously disinvited from events. He really needs Cyrus, but Liv served enough to remind him that he owns his wife his support. Its because of Liv that is causing all the tension that is in the White House.

How is anyone not seeing Liv when she comes and goes? Apparently, no one has figured out that shes back with Fitz

Liv does see her life through Princess Emilys tragic story though. She doesnt want that for her and Fitz. They have a few issues to work out: Hes still very much married and she still loves Jake. She tells Fitz in order for them to be exclusive, they need to work out their issues first.

Maybe there is a happy ending for them since this is the most adult decision theyve ever made. Or maybe some evil creature is waiting for their chance to be their undoing. At least thats what we got from Sallys commentary with the photographic proof of Liv leaving Fitzs residential place at all hours of the night. So who confessed?

Let us know your thoughts below! Until next week Gladiators..


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