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This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

September 27 – October 3
New Captain” | Brooklyn Nine Nine

It’s been a strong week of season premieres with amazing moments too difficult to choose from, but at the end of the day, Brooklyn Nine Nine wins. It’s very rare for me not to watch an episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine more than once — somehow it’s just never enough. And this week’s episode especially is one I never want to take off replay because it’s not just this particular scene that was great, but the episode as a whole was impeccable in all ways it could’ve been. Whether it was Gina’s encouraging speech to Captain Holt or Boyle’s inner fangirl showing his “shipper” side, the entire thing was fantastic. It’s been fascinating watching Amy and Jake go back and forth with their feelings, but the moment they finally chose to embrace it all and screw light and breezy, I found myself grinning as much as Charles did.

It was hysterical to watch Lo Truglio showcase just how dearly Boyle cares for Jake and Amy in his usual overly passionate way and it was lovely to see Samberg reply to him with such heartbreak (and slight frustration). It’s great to know us fans aren’t the only ones who’ve planned their life out. Ultimately Boyle’s concern with them is not only hilarious but super sweet — he knows them both so well and he wants them together because he knows that together they’ll be amazing.

While Boyle’s excitement will probably never get old, it’s Amy showing up at Jake’s front door that’s made my heart most giddy. It reminded me so much of the moment Leslie told Ben they should say screw it and really give their relationship a go. What was especially lovely about this moment is the fact that this was the first time we’ve really seen just how much they appreciate each other’s company. Amy’s choice to come over was stemmed from her desire to talk to someone thereby revealing that she not only has romantic feelings for Jake, but he can also be the friend she’ll need. Additionally, we can’t ignore Jake’s sigh of relief when he realized he’s not the only one who doesn’t want to do “light and breezy”. He’s grown so much throughout the series and it’s incredible to watch him completely head over heels for Amy. It’s delightful when two people are willing to take risks for each other and the fact that this is only the beginning is absolutely marvelous. In love, you’ve got to be the best of friends; Jake and Amy are so great at challenging each other at work, I’m excited to see them bring out the best in each other outside of work as well. And if there’s one thing this moment’s promised, it’s that it’s going to be wonderful watching these two dive into this relationship.


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