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Scandal 5×02 “Yes” Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Images of Fitz and Liv canoodling are out and supposedly Fitz is going to handle it.

Episode Summary: The case in question, a stepson jumped bail for murder of his father. Abby goes to work on the president’s marriage.

Review | Analysis: So those images we saw from the premiere last week, are out and about now. And apparently Fitz is going to fix things. Ha. We’d love to see that happen since he is not the type to think straight let alone calm situations.

Needing a break from life traumas, Liv throws herself into work. This week’s case takes her out of town (something we think she needs atm) to a client whose stepson jumped bail for the murder of his father. She goes on the hunt for Gavin. The trail leads to a casino where the kid is testing his luck at blackjack.

Gavin convinces them to look into his stepmother more. She is next in line to inherit a billion, yes, BILLION, dollars after his father died. It would be so much easier if she was the killer, right? But then we wouldn’t be able to have that slip by starting a whisper about the president’s mistress being in a local restaurant. Yeah, Gavin did that and that stirred up the distraction needed where strangers began taking photos of Liv and giving the attention she was trying to avoid.

Cyrus tells Abby to be an adult so that leads her to giving the first statement about the president’s marriage and how Mellie is living in the White house and that the couple is a team. It actually works like a charm Fitz still is pouting and Lizzie Bear can’t fire her because it’ll be too much dramarama and Abby already has control of the story, so why not let her shine?

Mellie tries to get Fitz to say sorry for serving her with divorce papers, but he’s not down. He wants Liv and only Liv and if he can’t have her, he’s going to hold his breath until she comes back. Clearly the prez is acting like a child and it’s pretty annoying, don’t you think? But the funny thing is that Liv is in the same situation with Jake. However, the difference is that Jake is happy with what he’s got with Liv and the president just wants the entirety of her.

Gavin finally confesses and tells the team that he did kill his father because he called him weak. She heads back to D.C. and gets a voicemail from Fitz telling her he’s going to deny the story. “All this time I’ve been waiting to hear what you wanted, but it’s what you don’t want, isn’t it?” he asks.

So maybe it wasn’t the independence she wanted. Maybe it was the choice to decide. Fitz always thought Liv wanted to be with him in the White House, but he never really asked her.

There were dozens of reporters outside her office all asking the same question: “Are you the president’s mistress?” Liv finally had an option, and she replied, “yes.”

Let us know your thoughts below! Until next week Gladiators..

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