Chicago P.D. 3×05 “Climbing Into Bed” | 3×06 “You Never Know Who’s Who” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Insert some cool one liner about the episode here. Episode Summary: Ruzek accidentally gets involved in a wrong case, and because he forgot to run it by Voight, it threatens his place in Intelligence. Olinsky gets the test results. Erin and Jay take their relationship to the next level. Roman, Platt, and the... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

October 18-24 "The Broken Kingdom" | Once Upon A Time The runner ups for this week are without a doubt the Dirty Dancing homage on Dancing With the Stars and Captain Holt’s return to the 99th Precinct, but as there's nothing that tugs on our heartstrings more than a great moment of romance, Once Upon A Time takes the crown... Continue Reading →

Scandal 5×05 “You Got Served” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Olivia finally breaks her silence about her relationship with Fitz to the world in a tell-all interview and Fitz makes a move that will likely leave Mellie in awe. Episode Summary: Fitz’s impeachment hearing gains steam as Liv tells her side of the story. Review | Analysis: Since going public with their relationship,... Continue Reading →

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