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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 9

25 Love Stories 9/25
Prince Charming and Snow White (Once Upon A Time)

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Once Upon A Time’s Snow White and Prince Charming are unsurpassed — the ultimate fairytale couple. Plain and simple. In a world this cruel, we all need a good cheesy couple to love through and through. There’s so much purity and warmth in this couple, it’s nice to see something so wonderful all the time. They’re the embodiment of true love, and with the things they’ve gone through, they’ve proven that they’re unbreakable. Snow and Charming define everlasting; no matter what life throws at these two they’ll find a way to be together – to be one, in sickness, in health, and even after death attempts to part them. They overcame all obstacles and now literally share a heart. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas’ effortless chemistry and love always makes its way onto the screen thus making their scenes most beautiful. Their hearts beat to the same rhythm and it’s now stronger than ever – there’s no connection quite as powerful. The villains on this show should learn their lesson by now. At the end of the day, the purity in their love is the one thing that invokes the most hope in us. When two people who love one another as much as they do create a family, then you best believe it’ll be the strongest in the world – the impossibilities are achievable and day by day, their adoration grows stronger. It’s always gorgeous to watch them take on everything with grace and love – sprinkling their kindness onto the world because the love they found in one another and their children has changed and inspired them in ways nothing in the world could.

Snow and Charming give us hope — they’re such an excellent reminder of unparalleled goodness. There are multiple instances where we see just how beautifully their love prevails and at the same time, we learn that it’s not about being determined to magically find someone, but the detail that you must never give up. There are too many great scenes to choose from and if we chose to write about them all, we’d never shut up. However, the depth of their love never fails to astound us. Charming’s ever growing loyalty to Snow followed by her complete and utter fascination with him is golden. Although a lot of great things happen throughout the seasons, there’s something indescribably magical about season one and it’s entirely due to the way their story is told. Audiences learn what true love is supposed to be like from Charming and Snow. When we write our weekly episode reviews, we constantly find ourselves drawing parallels to them because they’re the epitome of true love. Their love’s what inspired us to see the truth behind incandescent happiness and unwavering loyalty.

Whether Snow’s literally splitting her heart into two pieces (only one Once Upon A Time lol) or Charming’s jumping in front of an arrow to protect her heart’s purity, their love is defines selfless. It’s dazzling to think that Charming would rather get injured than to see her heart turn dark, and it’s that kind of love that revolutionizes the idea that bringing out the best in a partner is what’s most vital in love.

A memorable scene for us is their sweet adventure in “Breaking Glass” (s4e5). Charming’s persistence with Snow is always adorable to watch, but even more than that it’s Snow basically believing in herself and falling in love with her husband all over again that made our hearts giddier than ever. And when Charming came forward with the truth about the fact that he had nothing to do with Snow catching then letting Will escape, it was beautiful to watch how proud he was of Snow finding a part of herself again. Josh Dallas does an exquisite job of exhibiting a gorgeous form of elation anytime Snow conquers something on her own. And Goodwin always does an excellent job of flaunting just how deeply Snow’s in love with her husband and their children.

Snow and Charming have been through more heartbreak than we could ever imagine anyone going through, but they’ve continuously revolutionized the conception that goodness and love have a way of benefiting people more than anything. They keep authenticating that at the end of the day, no matter how successful, terrible, tiring, or heartbreaking, when a person is with their true love, everything is more beautiful. It’s inspiring that despite everything they’ve been through with their babies being taken away from them that Snow’s still open and forgiving. The Charmings are a constant reminder that it’s better to remain humble and open because absolute serenity doesn’t mean there are no problems left in the world to solve — it means knowing yourself and understanding that the greatest happiness can be found in the smallest moments. It’s going to bed at night knowing that whatever tomorrow brings, you have loved and are loved endlessly because there’s no form of happiness greater – whether it’s platonic or romantic, love is everything.

Thank the heavens the Charmings are always there to remind us of the fact that there’s nothing more valuable in the world than love. Snow’s a bandit and Charming’s a prince (sort of), but together, they are always whatever they need to be. If one of them ever falls, the other knows just what to plot in order to remind them of who they truly are on the inside. When Snow loses faith in herself, Charming plants Excalibur’s sword in order to help her see the bravery that’s already within her. They know one another like no one else in the world does and it’s that belief and faith in their partner that continuously inspires them when they’re hopeless.

Together they’re unstoppable, they’re each other’s strengths in times of weakness — the safe place to fall when the world spins too quickly, and even with their memories erased during the first curse, they still found themselves drawn to one another. They still found each other and loved one another because they couldn’t bear not to. It’s not possible to keep these two apart because their souls are so steadily intertwined that no matter where they are or how the world tries to tear them apart, together they’re complete in ways no one else will understand. Their love is so pure, their daughter was born with the lightest form of magic there is, and though she’s the Dark Swan now, we all know she’ll pull through and save herself because the strength within her is indescribable. The Charmings are a tough family with so much love to go, darkness can’t stand a chance.


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