#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 5

25 Love Stories 5/25
Chandler Bing and Monica Geller (F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

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To this day, there are few TV moments that are as exciting as the times Monica and Chandler were sneaking off from their friends in order to be together. And to this day, it’s the most beautiful story of two people who’ve known each other their whole lives, realizing they’re actually perfect for each other.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is always great, but the series becomes better when Monica and Chandler are together. Sometimes, soul mates take a while to enter our lives and other times, they’re right outside the door waiting. They are in many ways, like most of the couples on my list of favorites, but the reason they’re so high up the list is because much like The Office’s Jim and Pam, there’s a realness to them that’s close to indescribable. It allows viewers to believe that at the right time, the right two people can find a type of comfort in one another that’ll essentially heal them of all their wounds and make them smile at all times.

At the top of my head, there are two TV proposals that make my heart swoon the hardest and Monica and Chandler’s is definitely at the top of that list. Because much like Monica, in the situation, I’d be weeping uncontrollably as well. And if that weren’t enough, add in a tearful Chandler I’m a wreck. Ultimately what I love most about Monica and Chandler is the fact that when they realized they wanted to spend their entire lives together, it didn’t matter what they had previously believed — for their partner, they’d evolve. It’s not about becoming someone entirely different but it’s realizing that the right person will be worth the risks.

Chandler’s commitment issues were a huge part of the series thereby showing viewers that if he was ever to let his fears go, it had to be with the right woman. And because of the way her parents would treat her, Monica’s always been pressured to find a specific someone that’ll reach their standards. They are shining examples of the idea that love doesn’t know fears — there’s no logical explanation for the feeling one’s able to get when they’re with the right person. It all clicks. At times we wonder what if about past relationships, we question every little thing, but when it’s the right person, it’s almost as if all those past concerns magically leave the mind for good.

It was always fun to watch them sneak around and it was even more fun to watch them evolve as a couple. For Monica and Chandler especially, it was always the little moments: sitting together at Central Perk or making jokes here and there around their friends, they were comfortable and happy, and that made their surroundings just as happy. Amongst their group of friends, they were always beacons of hope, and for viewers, they were an incredible relationship to watch. It always made sense with Monica and Chandler — we were able to understand that as long as love is true, somehow even the darkest days will be bearable and everyday would be an amazing one.

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